Funniest ‘Killer Karaoke’ Thailand Ever Seen


Killer Karaoke is a wonderful show coming from Thailand. It is filled with excitement and very attractive. This is a Karaoke show and is full of entertainment. People all over the world went crazy about it and it is something you should definitely check out!

This show has an origin in American show, and it is based on English show called Sing if you can. It is very funny and the main goal of this funny game show is to keep on singing while facing different kids of challenges. It is broadcasting live, and the main rule of the game is “Whatever happens, do not stop singing!” The challenges contestants are facing are various. They should show to the audience not just their singing skills, but also their strong nerves and endurance.


In this particular video called The Swamp Swing, the girl is challenged to sit on a swing which goes up. She is very frightened and screaming. She is about to be lowered in a tank full of water, snakes, frogs and a crocodile. Try to imagine how hard this can be! They are playing a song and she starts to sing. She is singing Your heart for my number, smiling and she doesn’t know what is expecting her. They put her in the water, and suddenly emptying the bucket full of these disgusting creatures in the tank. She starts screaming, trying very hard to continue singing. This may be exciting and funny for us, but not quite sure about her. She looks very frightened, shaking and shuddering while she tries very hard to finish her task.


This challenge lasts just for a couple of minutes, as long as the song is playing. When the song is finished, they are pulling the swing out of the water, but the poor girl is still screaming, while there are still some frogs left in her lap. While she is still in the air, and with the frogs in her lap, she is crying and asking to put her down and get these creatures off her. The song is finished, and she wasn’t expecting them to lower her back in the tank full of reptiles.


This game show’s aim is to challenge the contestants, and there are no limits. Challenges can be very stressful for the contestants, and they have to be very brave to expose themselves to this kind of experience. You may find it amusing to watch, but can you imagine yourself going through this?


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