Beware Of Fake Rice From Plastic and Potatoes


As the days go on, people become more greedy and they like to get rich overnight. They don’t afraid to do any illegal activities to earn money. Here is a such a big activity reported by majority of people which is nothing but fake rice. The activity created big issue in govt and now it is increasing rapidly and daily large number of people complaining about plastic rice.

What is it?

Fake rice is a artificial rice made using plastics and potatoes. We know the price of the products are daily going on increasing, so we intended buy cheap products. Having this in mind, the cheaters made this plastic rice and sell on low price. It seems like exactly original rice but it is 100% vicious. The synthetic resin, which is shined over sweet potatoes looks like real rice. This chemicals are very poisonous to us and may kill a person, if consumed more often.

How to find it?

At your first touch, it is not at all possible to find it whether it is real rice or not. The only way to find out is to cooking. It will be so hard even after you cook and you can easily get to know from cooking. The real rice will not bloat, but plastic will. And, it will be whiter than normal rice. Usually, it is mixed with normal rice so that we can’t identify it easily.

What Are The Effects?

Plastics are known as one of the very ugliest products in world. It is now mixed with resins, which is another worse chemical. It will induce many negative effects and finally causes deadliest disease cancer. Also, it causes various stomach problems like ulcer and stomach diarrhea etc.

What to do?

Mostly, the plastic rice is found at China, Indonesia and India. The team there already started investigation to found the culprits and currently investigating on small sundry shops to find out the source. You are requested to inform and complaint to the appropriate commission, if you come across of such fake rice.

How to avoid?

Currently, there are many teams who processing their investigations on multiple cities, and there is no certain solution to identify the fake rice. But, you trust govt to solve the problem as soon as possible. The govt will put some rules and restrictions on import and export so that we can found out the source and the team will be caught soon. Until, you have to be careful and try to avoid buying rice from unknown sources.


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