How I Got in Your Closet A Unique Blend


Over the course of our lives, we have probably watched hundreds of TV commercials, some of which deliver their message through creative and funny ways. This particular closet advertisement by Canal+ is no exception as it manages to wittily send a message through a unique blend of tension and humor, always keeping us at the edge of our seats throughout its 74 seconds run time.

The commercial starts off with a tension-filled scene by showing a man running through a forest desperately trying to avoid being gunned down by armed men. As an audience member watching this scene, we would not know what to expect at all at this point from such a seemingly serious advertisement. It only gets stranger from there as the very same man is seen clinging to the top of a tree while a lumberjack starts to chop the tree with a motorized chainsaw.
What’s amazing about this advertisement is how every scene is so well-crafted in order to keep us fully engaged by upping the ante and shock factor. The next thing we know, the entire tree bark is cut down and it lands on water instead of solid ground with the helpless man still clinging on for dear life. After avoiding another barrage of bullets while on the floating tree bark, he unexpectedly goes over a huge waterfall and into the deep river below rendering him unconscious.
As an audience member, it is hard to stop watching at this point due to how curious we are about what’s really going to happen to this poor man. He wakes up in a sawmill and is pushed down by machinery while he is trying to escape. The man regains consciousness in the assembly line of a closet factory where he is suddenly sealed shut into a closet. The scene quickly shifts to him appearing out of a closet in a random couple’s bedroom trying to explain how he got there in the first place. Even though the couple was shocked, they were pretty impressed with the man’s incredible story.
We finally realize that the purpose of all this build up was to illustrate that regardless of how funny it would be for a man to try and explain such a bizarre series of events to a stranger, people always enjoy a good story. The takeaway message of the advertisement is the fact that everyone is looking for a great story which manages to pull us in and keep us captivated. Advertisements like these leave a strong impression on anyone who takes the time to watch it and successfully demonstrates the power of a great story.



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