Funny Turkish TV Game Show Called Read My Lips


This video from a little known Turkish game show called “Read my Lips” is bound to leave you in splits. The game is very simple and easy to understand even if you do not know the language.

The man is in a straitjacket and the woman is asked to wear noise cancelling headphones. She cannot a hear a single sound. Now, the man has to speak the words given to him and the woman has to try and guess them by reading his lips.

She is able to guess some words very easily while she gets stuck on some, and this leads to some very comic situations. The man tries to emphatically lay stress on the syllables so that the woman understands it, and when she still is not able to guess right, the expressions of the man and his exasperation is bound to make you laugh. Even though he knows she can’t hear a word, he can’t help but shout out the word at times.

Many a times the guesses of the woman are such a long way off the mark, that you can’t help but sympathize with the guy. There are multiple occasions when you can’t help but laugh at the couple’s spirited attempts at coordinating with one another. Especially for the word “Yarin”, the woman is unable to guess correctly and keeps saying pass but the man still tries to elicit a guess from her and is literally shouting at the top of his voice.

There are many a occasion when you see the woman is trying really hard and when she finally gets the right word after multiple tries, you can see the relief on the guy’s face. The guy keeps saying the same word in different tones and styles with the hope that the woman will be able to guess right. Have a look at the video, it is comical and bound to give you a good laugh.


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