Lamborghini Aventador Show Off End Up in Fire


Sometimes. Just sometimes, you see something that tells you that the Universe does indeed run on Karma. None of us is perfect, but there are some traits that are universally abhorred, and one of them happen in this video at Dubai .


You know the type – all bluster and bravado, usually filthy rich but only because Mummy and Daddy are, looking down on the world from a life of privilege.

Yeah, when guys like that fall flat on their faces, everyone rejoices.  That is exactly what happened in Dubai, and what remained in the end were a completely burnt-out Lamborghini Aventador, a very embarrassed guy who will forever be known as ‘That Idiot’, and an army of very happy viewers all over the world thanking the Universe for Karma.

A Russian tourist captured the entire incident, which was uploaded to his Instagram account and promptly went viral.The tourist happened to be traveling in an SUV behind them in yellow Aventador. His friend was in a red Ferrari in front of them. When the vehicles stopped at a traffic light, He let loose with his accelerator, revving the V12 700 horsepower engine for all he was worth as his friend took photos.

Within about a minute, small flames can be seen emerging above the left tail light of the Lamborghini. The tourist sees them and can be heard shouting from his vehicle, trying to capture the attention of the clueless show-off. however, fails to hear anything over the sound of his incessant revving. The lights turn green and the luxury cars start to move off. A man from an adjacent vehicle is seen exiting his vehicle to try and warn him, who drives away in blissful ignorance.

Only a series of pictures are available of what happens subsequently. The show-off desperately trying to put out fire with small extinguisher and not succeeding. Lots of people watching (and smirking) from a distance. And finally, completely burnt-out Lamborghini Aventador , unfortunately .


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