Watch Waitress Gives Drunk Customer Response Back !


Girls are not save anywhere, whether its college, office or homes. So it’s very stupid to ask about a girl security in a bear parlor which is stuffed with drunk and out of control men. This video is a burning example of how a waitress suddenly encounters derogatory physical assault and on the same time in spite of getting scared she fights back and gives a worthy reply.

The sudden attack:

The video is recorded in a night vision camera in certain anonymous restaurant. 2 men was found sitting on the bear parlor, while a waitress was coming towards their direction with the bill receipt. One of the two men took out money from his wallet and intentionally tried to put the money inside the women’s shirts. Now that’s a serious assault.

Attack follows:

The women bar tender in a reflex pushed the offensive man and immediately took a reverse step, but the drunken customer again gears up for a second turn. He now desperately grabbed the lady’s lower back, private parts.

Deserving reply:

The lady now became furious, she immediately turned back ward the forcefully slashed the drunk person with the bill file. The man was so stuffed with alcohol that he couldn’t bear that and fell down at once.


In response of this sudden wrestling, other waiters and stuffs of the bar came in and pulled the man up. The guilt’s friend was also perplexed with this entire back to back event. He also helped his friend to gets on his feet.

Lady for help again:

A lady is always there for our care, this was again proved in this shameful act. Another lady waiter of this restaurant, though shocked with the after affect, came with certain ice or something to aid that injured yet obscene man.

Thus this insulting act again proved that some men are not yet civilized enough, and they don’t even know how to behave with a lady, irrespective of her profession.


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