Top 10 Nutrients For Healthy Body


Well nutrition is an important component for every living organism in the world. Therefore, the need of making a wise choice especially when choosing what to eat is very important. Besides, practicing eating a healthy food on daily basis coupled with a regular exercise can greatly ensure a long life free from likelihood diseases and other problems.


Basically, the top ten nutrients that can ensure you live comfortably with a healthy body are such as:


In fact, your body performance depends a lot from this, because it gives you energy in different forms such as; starch and sugar. Furthermore, when these get digested; the energy stored in them is released to your cells for the need to perform more functions. Therefore, it’s recommended to eat on daily basis foods rich in starch than sugars; because starch is usually in grains.


2. Iron

Iron helps a lot in the making of the red blood cells, an important component that carries oxygen in the whole body. Hence, regular eating of food nutrients rich in iron such as; chicken liver, red meat, spinach, pumpkin seeds and beans can ensure efficient metabolism. On the contrary, a lack of enough iron in your diet can lead to anemia; causing related effects of becoming weak and fatigue.


3. Protein

Moreover, protein is an essential nutrient for every cell in your body. Indeed, it assists in provision of sufficient structure to all organs, bones and muscles throughout the body. The recommended amount of proteins to eat daily, especially for women is forty five grams and fifty five for men respectively.


4. Vitamin C and calcium

Furthermore, the need of vitamin C is very useful for everyone, especially in the healing of wounds and controlling of numerous healthy diseases. Indeed, it’s also an important antioxidant that offers protection to all the enzymes from effects of degradation due to presence of oxygen. On the hand calcium is a very essential mineral that aids in strengthening and structuring your bones.

The recommended daily intake amount is 75 mg and 95mg for both female and male respectively. Various sources of vitamin C includes; vegetables, strawberries, broccoli and fruits.


5. Folic Acid

Similarly, this facilitates enough red cells production for the need of preventing deficiencies related to anemia. Other important roles that folic acid contributes in your body are like; ensuring proper functioning of the nerves and preventing building up of homocysteine in the blood.

Then, it’s advisable to eat food nutrients rich in folic acid on a daily basis in order to ensure there is adequate amount in your body system. The important food components that contains such nutrients are; cauliflower, cabbages, lettuce, spinach, mustard greens and beets.


6. Fiber

Correspondingly, right intake of fiber nutrients in your body ensures gastrointestinal tract is healthy. This is because, proper movements of food and other nutrients to all parts of the body is highly facilitated. The recommendable amount to taking on a daily basis is 20-35 grams; especially on foods nutrients such fruits, vegetables and whole grains.


7. Water

Comparatively, about 70 percent of your body is made up of water. Indeed, water plays important different roles in your body such as; removal of waste products, regulation of different biological processes among other important benefits. Therefore, the recommended amount of water to take on a daily basis is eight glasses.


8. Fat

Additionally, emphasizing on eating required amount of fats in your diets is quite important. Indeed, fat offers protection from diseases and injury, apart from also other vitamins being absorbed in the body only in fat form. The recommended amount to take on a daily basis is 30 percent.


9. Zinc

Furthermore, zinc has important roles in your body such as; it promotes functioning of the brain synapses and most useful in the enzyme that performs regulation of carbon dioxide in the body.


10. Vitamin A

This plays different important functions in your body like; ensuring proper vision, general growth and development strong bones and teeth. Various foods nutrients that are abundantly rich in vitamin C are such; tomatoes, guava, broccoli, spinach, carrots and also pumpkin among others.

To sum up, it’s very useful to ensure all these important nutrients are included in your daily diet for the need to have a healthy living.




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