Why is the Lion Called the King Of the Jungle ?


The lion is an incredible and renowned cat.It is the second biggest feline after the tiger. Its scientific name is Panthera Leo. It earned the name, the King of Jungle as a result of its might, strength, magnificence and confidence.

They are the main social creatures in the feline crew. They are amazing as they live in groups of around fifteen females, their young ones and up to three males. The female offspring simply stay in the group and proceed with it while the males go out to search for different groups to join. In a solitary group, all the females are connected.

A group of lions is known as a pride. This regularly comprises of 15 to 40 lions with more female individuals than males.A pride may have a few related adult males and a few females with their fledglings. Prides of 15 or more lions exist.They live in the jungle.While in a pride the females do the chasing and additionally caring for the offspring. A lion can likewise survive alone.


We have a tendency to view the Lion as a strong seeker. There is some truth in that, however over a large portion of their food is flesh. This is additionally fairly irregular for felines.

A pride of Lions will drive off different predators like Hyenas, Leopards and Cheetahs and eat the animals they have killed. When the Lionesses of a pride do hunt for themselves they frame a well co-ordinates gathering.


The lions are simply wonderful carnivores and they eat the meat of wildebeests, zebras, gazelles, impalas, bison and other smaller animals if they get them. The Lionesses are the ones who do all the hunting for the group. When they get a prey, they call other lions and share with them. They are nocturnal and chase for the most part at a early hour in the morning and late evening when the sun is not very hot. They additionally exploit their great visual perception during the night and hunt down enormous creatures.

Lions have a tendency to eat fairly large animals. Since a pride of Lions is a group of effective carnivores working firmly together they can murder expansive animals like Buffaloes and Giraffes. Nonetheless, with these huge animals, there is a great danger of the lion getting injured.Often Lions will go for somehow smaller animals like Zebras and Wildebeest.


Lions can run quick over short distances in the jungle, however they are not great in a long pursue so they attempt to draw near before attacking. Quick animals like the Antelopes are not major prey animals for Lions.Very huge animals like Elephants, Hippopotamus and Rhinocerous are likewise not generally assaulted.

The male lion is regional. It marks its region with pee, roaring to caution off outsiders and battling anybody whom challenges go to its domain. Male lions don’t stay in a gathering for long. The longest is around three years as different males come and battle them off and take control over the pride.In this way it goes and searches for another pride to compellingly assume control. Because of the consistent battling, male lions don’t live for over ten years.


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