Amazing Moments An Impala Escaping Two Cheetahs !


It was a narrow escape when an impala escaped the jaws of two hungry cheetahs by jumping into a cab of tourist proving beyond doubt that even in the animal kingdom, desperate moments sometimes calls for desperate measures.

This fascinating incident occurred at the Kruger National park leaving tourist in complete state of wonder. The distressed impala was forced to jump into a car full of tourists to escape the wrath of vicious cheetahs. The scenario was captured in a camera and has sparked a lot of debate on how every animal can do anything within their disposal to save their souls.

According to the sources, the impala was being chased along with others when it eventually realized that its life was in danger and thus it had to jump into the SUV car. The tourists and other crew were left puzzled and were left helpless since the park rules requires that tourist should always remain in the car at all times. There was no space but the impala found its way in not even bothering about the tourist who were filled in the car. Like me you are wondering how impala, manage this chase and other events took turn, it all happened when the impala saw an open window and jumped in through it. A few minutes later after panting for several minutes, the impala managed to jump out after one of the tourists who had gathered courage opened the window to let the poor animal goes away. Few yards away, the cheetahs managed to kill one of the impalas thus managing to have something for lunch. This scenario was extraordinary and rarely happens in history. In fact, this is likely to take years before the same thing happens again.


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