Humorous Mud Dance You Ever Seen


The Future Music Festival used to be a very popular and annual music festival that was held all throughout Australia in places such as Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth as well as Kuala Lumpar in Malaysia.

It was known for having amazing lineups and hosting many famous artists, a few of them being Rita Ora, The Temper Trap, Azealia Banks, The Prodigy, The Stone Roses, Kill the Noise, Seve Aoki, Ellie Goulding, and many more!

The Future Music Festival’s fun, and free spirited atmosphere is best portrayed through the ‘Mud Words’ video showing people dancing around in the mud. It definitely shows how much the audience was enjoying themselves. The festivals began in 2006 and they originally took place as independent festivals that only lasted a day. The demand for them became so high that by 2007, it was a huge festival that traveled all over Australia. By the end of 2011, Future Entertainment decided that they were going to expand the festivals locations and the first show in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia was held in 2012.

Both the shows that took place in Australia as well as in Malaysia hosted their famous local artists as well as well known international artists which is another reason as to why these festivals stood out so much. They were a place for the audience to discover new artists while enjoying the ones they were already familiar with.

Unfortunately, the 2015 edition of the festival was the last one, but the Group did announce that they hope that a new festival will take it’s place and continue to give people a reason to enjoy themselves while listening to the music that they love! But if you’re the type of person that loves going to festivals where you meet new and exciting people and perhaps dance around in mud, then you should definitely look for music festivals near wherever you live.


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