10 Tips For Driving On Snow


Any driver ought to be careful in order to avoid causing accidents as well as maintain safety on roads. During winter, extra care must be taken as there are challenges that comes with the falling snow. Slippery roads and hampered vision among others are some of the challenges that come with snow. This article gives top ten tips that must be put into consideration when driving on snow.

Snow covered highway
Snow covered highway

1. Get ready before set out

This is a major step that must be taken before setting out during winter. It is important to ensure that the windscreen is wiped off any ice so as to have a clear vision. All the ice on top of the vehicle should also be removed using lukewarm water as it could fall back on the windscreen.

2. Keep distance

To avoid causing accidents it is advisable to keep a much longer distance between ones car and the other one in front. This is because during winter the weather is cloudy and mist makes it impossible to see clearly and one can easily hit the car in front. Keeping a distance ten times longer than in normal weather is a safe for driving during on snow.


3. Be gentle

The wheels are likely to slip easily when driving on snow. Quick change to a higher gear and use of low revs helps to reduce the chances of the wheel slipping. A quick acceleration may cause the wheels to slip therefore it should be done gentle when driving on snow.


4. Avoid snowplows

Avoid driving when snow is falling, it is not easy to see ahead if snow is all over it is wise therefore to stay at home until the snow stops. If already driving and the snow starts, if is good to park or get into a hotel until the snow stops for ease of driving and to avoid causing accidents.

5. Special wheels

Have ones car mounted up with special wheels that are suitable for winter. Never try to drive on snow with the summer wheels as they have no grip at all in snow. Well made winter wheels have a good grip in snow and make the control of the vehicle easy.

6. Clear vision

It is important to clean the inner side of the windows often. This allows the driver to clearly see outside. Ensuring that other drivers on the road can see ones car helps in avoiding accidents. When it is not so clear on the road one can put the car lights on both in front and behind so as other drivers can see.

7. Do not over speed

High speed may cause one to lose control of the car. Maintaining a low speed helps one to be fully in charge and in case the car slides or there is a skid the driver can stop the car safely.


8. Proper functioning batteries

During winter batteries must be maintained at an optimum functioning condition or get new ones for the season. This is so because wipers, heaters and lights are used most during this season and they all require power from the batteries. To avoid stopping on the road sides, have well functioning batteries.


9. Acquire the necessary knowledge

Driving on snow is not similar to driving on dry roads. It is important to get to learn extra skills on how to behave on the road. Learning on what to do when the car slides, gets stuck or when there is skid saves one energy and time.


10. Wear the right clothing

As it is normally very cold, it is important to be in warm cloths so as to be comfortable and this will enhance concentration on the road. Snow gloves are also required so as to hold the steering wheel in the right way without the hands freezing.

In conclusion, taking extra care while driving during winter helps in maintaining ones vehicle in good condition, enhances safety and saves one on time, energy and money.


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