Dream Come True and Cancer Patient Marries Her Favorite Nurse


Abby is currently a cancer patient at the “melodies center for childhood cancers” in New York. Abby is battling an acute leukemia condition. She has always dreamed of marrying the nurse who was treating her. She termed him as her favorite. Abby’s parents told the nurse Matt Hickling that she always wanted to marry him.

Abby shyly asked the nurse if he would marry her and he did not hesitate. For this reason, the hospital staff joined forces and made arrangements for the “wedding” for that coup in just less than 24hours. The deal was therefore sealed with ring pops that were placed on the couple`s fingers.

On this fateful day, she married Matt Hickling at this particular hospital. Her mother walked her down the flowered aisle to where Matt was. The “groom” wore scrubs and a tuxedo t-shirt. Abby wore a white dress. They were indeed adorable. The two were joined by another doctor who was the wedding`s officiate and there was also a ring bearer.

The other staff members, the nurses, were the best maids and they carried flower bouquets and walked down the aisle that was covered in petals of roses that had been donated by some local florist, Scott Wright at the garden of Enchanted. Later on, it even became more complete since there were ring pops as well as a cake of course that was for everyone who had attended the wedding.

After exchanging the vows, the groom pushed Abby in a mini car that was pink in color and had a sign “just married”. They rode together all through the halls of the hospital before embarking to the photo session and for the cake cutting.”This day will probably be the best for Abby and her family” said Matt. This story has now gone viral. Millions of people have watched this video since Thursday, when it was posted.


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