8 Secrets to Living Longer


Need to have a face-lift without going under the knife? Just keep your brain healthy. The most competent surgeons and expensive cosmetics cannot make you as beautiful as having a healthy brain can. To keep your brain healthy and live longer, you must regularly practice detoxification and below are eight secrets to living longer.

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1 – Mind what you eat

The reflection of your skin determines the health of your brain. Good nutrition is beneficial for your body because it determines the quality and quantity of your life. So below are four youth-inducing rules;

  • drink plenty of water and replace coffee with white or green tea
  • regularly check and balance your hormones, and try not to use synthetic hormone replacements. Instead, use your diet to clean up your body
  • do not use sunscreens that contain toxins and get enough sunlight, but not too much
  • love dark colored vegetables, berries and fruits


2 – Exercise regularly

Exercise is beneficial to your overall health. It boosts your blood flow, excretes toxins, makes your skin look healthy, reduces stress and tones your muscles. Also, it makes you feel better by boosting your endorphins. So ensure that you exercise on at least thirty minutes daily,


3 – Have more hot relationship

One study revealed that active lovely moment can make a person to appear ten years younger. However, this is a fact only in a healthy relationship. making love that occurs in a relationship with no love and commitment can cause the opposite results. Below are the health facts concerning healthy and lovely relationship :

  • people who have great moment in making love time , exercise more and eat better
  • great boosts levels of hormones like estrogen, which promote a tighter skin
  • making love burns approximately 200 calories on average


4 – Have a good personality

One study showed that conscientious people who are prudent and well organized live a longer life because conscientious behaviors influence other behaviors. Many people have thought that relaxed people live longer, but that is not the case. Conscientious people make healthier choices like who should be their marriage partner, where to work or how to drive for safety.


5 – Get enough sleep

You should sleep for seven to eight hours every night. When you are asleep, your brain and body go through regeneration process, so for you to feel and look better you must get enough sleep. Enough sleep reduces your chances of suffering from health conditions like heart diseases, stress and anxiety.


6 – Avoid Smoking

Smoking is the worst punishment you can do to your health if you do not love yourself. According to a Finnish study, smoking reduces your life by approximately ten years and it also lowers the quality of your life in old age. If you are a smoker, you are exposing yourself to debilitating diseases. So find a way to quit.


7 – Watch Your Waist

According to scientists, the measurement of your waist can predict your risk rate of suffering from heart diseases than the weight of your body or your body mass index. This is because the measurement of your waist can point to the existence of visceral fat, which sits around your vital organs and is very dangerous.

The waist of a man should be below 94cm, while that of a woman should be below 80cm. So if your waist is above the mentioned measurements, you need to reduce it by eating highly nutritious foods which will decrease the age of your face.


8 – Smile at least twenty times daily

When you laugh, you boost your immune system, reduce stress hormones and stimulate the killer T-cells that fight cancer. But adults only smile an average of fifteen times in a day, while kids can make daily giggle bouts of over a hundred. Make smiling your daily habit.



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