Watch Most Hilarious Couple Kiss Cam


During a kiss cam at a Rockets game, an excited young man nudges his girlfriend and excitedly points out that they’re featured on the screen. What happens next in the video shocked everyone.

She is noticeably embarrassed and tries to hide her face, but he kisses her anyway. Mid kiss she swings her hand back and smacks him right in the face. The video clip isn’t clear enough to be able to hear they’re dialogue over the cheering crowd, but you can see him looking confused and pointing at the screen, obviously saying something to the effect of, “Lighten up, we were on the kiss cam.” She sits back in apparent disbelief, continuing to throw him disgusted looks. Trying to make the peace, he offers her a novelty bear toy dressed in a Rockets uniform, and she promptly flings it away into the crowd. He tries again, offering her popcorn, which she shoves out of his hands, and a soda, which she pours over his head.

Presumably the kiss cam swings back around at them because he once more taps her on the shoulder. She angrily swings around and points her fingers at him, and even the worst lip reader can clearly see a big, “I said NO!” on her lips. The woman sitting on his other side, who has been watching this uncomfortable scene unfold, leans across and taps him on the shoulder. Her face at this point isn’t visible to the camera, but you can see her head tilt and her shoulders shrug as if to say, “Hey, she won’t, but I will.” You can see a slight smirk on his face as he leans in for the kiss with this other woman. And what a kiss it is! They kiss passionately for a good twenty seconds, during which the girlfriend smacks him across the arm, before they finally break apart. The man then takes this new woman’s hand and leads her out of the aisle, leaving his girlfriend to sit there alone. She pretends not to care, shrugging it off as if to say good riddance.

This video has gone viral since its upload because of the shocking outcome. There have been other videos that circulate of men getting rejected during a kiss cam, but never one with so such a satisfying sense of karma at the end. It does leave one to wonder if it may have been a little bit staged because otherwise why would someone be recording it in the first place? Even still, this one will continue to be an internet classic as it leaves viewers in shock and laughter with a sense of justice at the end.


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