Homeless Man Plays Piano So Beautifully Must Watch it !


A video has recently gone viral all over the internet, showing a homeless man sitting in front of a piano on a street corner, and wowing passersby with his amazing skills. If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and watch this amazing video. It has come out that this homeless man is called Douglas Gould, he is 51 years old, and the song he is playing in the video is called “Come Sail Away”.

In the video, you can see Gould sitting in front of the piano, and playing the song like he is an absolute natural. Passersby watch in absolute amazement as his fingers tickle the keys, and a few put some cash into his hat sitting on the lid of the piano.

The story has come out that the reason Gould is living on the street, is because he went through a very rough patch after the death of his wife. The depression he experienced resulted in him landing up on the streets. It turns out that many years ago he was actually studying music theory at the Spring Arbor University, but was forced to stop 3 courses short of completing the degree, because he actually ran out of money. It is certainly a sad story, but Gould is turning his life around, and is making people happy in the process. After listening to his music, and watching the amazing video that is available online, you will certainly have a smile on your face after seeing how incredibly well this homeless man is able to play the piano.

Gould has indicated that his talents don’t stop with the piano. In fact, he has played the clarinet in the US Marines, showing that he certainly has music in his genes. It is no wonder that people on the streets were absolutely amazed by his incredible talents.

As a result of this video, and the subsequent conversations with Gould, a GoFundMe campaign has been setup up the web. The fund has been set up in his honor, and aims to collect money to give the man another chance at starting his life over again. The plan is to be able to give the money to Gould to help him purchase or rent a proper home, to get a car, and to even possibly allow him to complete the final 3 courses that he never finished in order to earn his musical theory degree.



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