Epic Hologram Ghost Prank On Girlfriend !


Is it wrong to love prank videos like this as much as I do? These are the holy grail of ideas and I measure each one against two separate standards: First: how entertaining was the video? Was I left smiling like a fool? And second, how can I realistically do this to someone successfully myself?

this prank setup not only consistently delivers laughs and entertainment, but they inspire me on a regular basis to find my inner devil and unleash it on some poor soul. And in their newest “hologram ghost” video, Jesse delivers a stunt that goes above and beyond the call of the professional prankster!

I could actually feel the terror that held his girlfriend Jeanna riveted to the bed when she finally realized that what she was seeing was real. The heaviness of her sleep had taken a moment to wear off entirely but when it did, she was completely transfixed. I mean can you imagine being woken from a sound sleep and seeing the ghost of a girl floating in your doorway? Only after she pulled the sheet over her head and the ghost disappeared did she have the strength to drop the sheet and call for her boyfriend.

All she finds is an empty bed, and the moment she realizes she is alone the ghost reappears in the doorway and aggressively charges forward into the room and the final payoff is Jeanna’s genuine, Oscar award-worthy Hollywood scream as she covers her face and her boyfriend leaps up from the side of their bed to fall on top of her.

I often find myself wondering how they can live under the constant anxiety of a pending prank around every corner. In this case Jesse raised the bar using the technology of an invisible screen, a projector and a source video to transfer to the screen. Absolute genius!


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