The Worst Female Goalkeeper Ever


Being a football goalie or for that matter any goalie is a tough job but it seems as if this one is not even trying to defend the net. It is hard to believe that she is a professional who made it to the playing eleven! Maybe she is just very nervous because in many of her misses, she neither attacks the ball nor defends it until it is too late.

Her team mates also don’t seem to be helping knowing that her performance is bad and so, many mistakes seem to be adding up resulting in an embarrassing display of soccer. The display resembles a game of soccer on a lazy Sunday played by school kids rather than a professional team. It is something that opponent teams would not expect even on their luckiest days.

It is probably fair to say that they got bored even though they are winning. Everybody has a bad day, however based on the video it is apparent that either the goalie is having a very very bad day or that she is just not a good athlete who can move quickly and anticipate basic movements of other players. She seems to be an amateur who has been given a goalie’s uniform.

Unfortunately, we can also see some fans that have made it to the game and they would undoubtedly be disappointed by such an amateurish performance. If this did happen to be a bad day for her, it is so bad that it probably destroyed her career. Ultimately, whatever the reason for her performance, it is probably fair to say that she is the worst goalkeeper ever! Because of her lack of sporting ability, the entire thing looks comical and rather embarrassing for anyone remotely familiar with professional soccer. It would do her a world of good to go back to practising with amateurs and improve her game if she is ever to play another game.


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