Bride Puts A Spell On Her Magician Groom During Their First Dance


Ever wanted to make your groom go gaga over you on your first very first wedding dance with him? Ever wanted to be so mesmerizing that cast a spell over him? Well, that’s exactly what this beautiful bride, Jillian Sipkins does. Sipkins beautifully dances with her husband, Justin Willman that gets him under her charming spell.

As the video starts, we as viewers are totally blown over by this lady’s charm and it pretty much seems that her husband is equally mesmerized by her. Sipkins’ dress, her hairstyle and her body language makes it seem that she’s popped up right from a movie set.

Her husband Willman is equally attractive. His vintage dressing style too steals innumerable eyeballs. In this video we see this pretty couple dance elegantly and charmingly. Both of them seem to be completely smitten. Her seductive moves, the way she flexibly moves out from under Willman’s legs totally grabs eyeballs. But what turns out to be the show stealer is the way she casts her spell by the end of the dance. By the end of this two and a half-minute dance video, we see Willman lean while he’s standing on his legs. Yes. That’s exactly what he does and that’s exactly what the spell does to him. She knows how to mesmerize the groom during the couple’s first dance.

She is a photographer by profession and her husband, Justin Williams is a magician. But from this video it pretty much seems that it is actually Sipkins who knows the real magic. This was one amazing first dance loaded with cuteness, elegance, and of course, magic. The couple looked incredibly attractive, and what grabbed the most eyeballs is their confidence quotient. Sipkins’ confidence coupled with her magic spell turned out to be the real show stealer. So what are you waiting for guys? Watch this video for yourself and you’ll know why I love this so much. It’ll make you realize why marriages are truly magical.


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