Top 5 Ways To Naturally Reduce Your Fever


Do you know that fever is a natural way in which the body responds to an illness? When you experience fever, then you should know that your immune system is functional and thus it is good to let it struggle with an infection in a natural way. It is not always prudent to rush for medication before trying natural ways of curbing an infection. There are many causes of fever which include but not limited to viruses, bacteria or a simple illness due to food poison or other causes. When you experience fever, it is good to let your body struggle with it but is good to compliment it with other natural fever response mechanisms. These include but not limited to:

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1. Drinking a lot of water

Since most conventional treatments for reducing fever can cause more harm than good, it is good to try water which is a natural remedy for fever. Instead for going for over the counter pain killers or other drugs, drinking a lot of water can significantly help to reduce fever. Water will help your body to cool off, lower the body temperature and implicitly or explicitly reduce fever. Since fever can lead to immense dehydration, it is good to drink plenty of water to help reduce dehydration. If drinking water is not your stuff then you can try out other fluids such as milk or perhaps porridge. In addition, you can add natural honey to your drinking water since honey will assist in boosting immunity and also giving you extra strength and synergy.


2. Adjust your diet

When you have a fever, it is good to control your eating. This does not mean that you should not eat; instead it is good to adjust your eating habits and avoid eating plenty of heavy meals. This is because your body would need extra energy to aid digestion. If you eat less food; the body will concentrate its energy in fighting the fever and thus enabling you to overcome it as soon as possible. It is also wise to avoid meals with a lot of oils that can cause you to nauseate. Replace it with light meals with plenty of proteins such as an egg. It is also good to take soup frequently.


3. Eat a lot of fruits

Fruits contain vitamins that are essential for body immunity. It is important to take a lot of raw fruit such as oranges, mangoes and passion fruits. You can also go for fruit juice but it is prudent to avoid processed juice since some of them are believed to contain preservatives and other chemicals that can worsen your fever.


4. Avoid unnecessary sleep

Besides, it is also imperative to engage little exercise and avoid unnecessary sleep. When you sleep, your body becomes weak and less active thus giving fever an upper hand.


5. Take a cool or lukewarm bath

Bathing also makes your body fresh and energetic. It is recommended that if your body temperature is high, you should bath or soak your body to a lukewarm bathe to avoid drastic rise and reduction of body temperature. This way you will be able to tackle Fever,Reduce Your Fever,Naturally ,without going for conventional treatments.

However, if your fever persists, then it is always good to seek for medical attention. Go for your physician and tell him or her about how you have tried to naturally contain your fever and explain everything point blank.



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