Trash the Wedding Dress Ideas Goes Wrong


I remember my wife as she walked down the isle almost six years ago. I’ll never forget the way she looked in her white wedding dress. Along with these memories that will never be forgotten is the price of the dress.

I’ve seen contemporary pictures of woman in elegant white dress in front of ruin down buildings, or on the hood of an old car. So I can understand the idea for pictures. What I don’t get is the idea of actually trashing the dress after a wedding. Traditionally woman do what my wife did. They wear the dress for the wedding and then pay however much to have it preserved in a box which is kept until their daughter (If they or we have one) gets married. Though typically they don’t end up wearing their mothers dress, that’s a different story. It’s apart of the tradition. I don’t understand why woman want to destroy their dress.

This brings me to a video I recently seen where a beautiful bride sheepishly looks around as her friends and new husband cheers her on. What happens next is unimaginable. She throws her hands over her head and jumps into the river. Now part of me is already saying “Why would you ruin that beautiful dress?” As I watch though I am taken over by another emotion. Fear. When this poor girl hits the water the dress swallows her whole. For what seems like an eternity you don’t see her, all you see is white cloth in the river as her friends quickly jump in and try to save her. My heart stopped inside my chest until her friends we finally able to get the dress off her head.

Now I thank God that she is Okay , Thank God for all those people who jumped in and saved her ! No matter how much I disagree with something I never want anyone to get hurt. My question now is what happened to tradition? Why are these young girls wanting to destroy their wedding dresses after their big day? Is it in an attempt to say “I’m committed to one man and will never use this dress again?” Or is traditions just not held sacred anymore? I will not judge anyone for what they do I just sincerely want to know where the idea comes from. I can’t imagine being married for such a short time and then see my wife possibly drown in an attempt to destroy her dress. Maybe I’m just old school.


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