Top 5 Reasons Drinking Water Help To Lose Weight


Most of us have heard the well-known theory which asserts that you need to consume water for losing weight. However, can an extra one or tow glasses of water really assist you to shed extra pounds and enable you to possess a sound health? This might sound too good to be genuine.

Water comprises nearly 70 percent of our entire body, and the organs consist of an even greater proportion of water. For instance, the liver is almost 95% made up of water.

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While water doesn’t possess any kind of magical property which melts away fat instantly, it certainly will help you with your weight reduction endeavors. In the subsequent paragraphs, we will mention top 5 reasons why drinking water helps to lose weight.

1.Drinking Water Supplies Energy for the Brain

The human brain is the most important driving force for your consumption of fluid and that is because there is actually more water in the brain compared to other parts of your system. Therefore, any deficit of water is sensed by the brain at first. Also human brain features a number of energy sources, the most obvious one being glucose. But, do you know that a certain portion of energy actually comes from water that is traveling across the cell membranes? This can be compared to hydroelectric energy. This does not entail calories.

Because most of the brain’s energy comes from water, it is going to look for more whenever a person gets a little dehydrated. Keep in mind, you brain senses dehydration ahead of the other parts of your system, simply because its proportion of water is actually higher. However, since nobody informed us that moderate food cravings can, in fact, imply that we are thirsty many people eat at this stage. Therefore, your brain desired more water but it received food instead.

The brain will utilize a portion of this vitality from the food items you consumed for its energy requirements; however, the human brain is not a big organ, thus it’s not likely to use much. In case you weren’t truly starving for calories, your system does not require this food either. Therefore, it is meant for the fat stores.

By simply not keeping adequately hydrated you might be consuming in excess of what you require, hampering your fat reducing efforts. Thus, this is a significant reason why drinking water helps to lose weight.

2. Drinking Water Enhances Your Body Functions

Drinking sufficient amounts of water every day helps the kidneys to eliminate waste materials more efficiently. By consuming enough water, your metabolic process is enhanced, which aids in weight loss.

3. Drink ice cold water

Consuming ice cold water aids to improve metabolism. It is because the body needs to work harder in order to warm up the water, consequently burning up more calories and thus assisting you to slim down.

4. Substitute calorie-filled drinks with water

Forget the soda pops and fruit juice and swap them with drinking water to assist you in losing weight. If you feel water tastes monotonous, include a piece of lemon. A cup of water along with lemon is an ideal recipe for effective weight reduction since the pectin present in the lemons aids to minimize the craving for food. Stop trying these sugary beverages just for a couple of weeks and find out the difference.

5. Water can help you suppress your cravings

It has been revealed by recent studies that if you consume sufficient quantities of water, you will be satisfied faster. You should avoid those food items which contain unhealthy calories and consume those that consist of a higher proportion of water which will help you to feel full without unwanted weight gain. Besides this, consuming one or two glasses of water a short while before your meals will provide the effect of making you much less hungry and, hence, you are not likely to overeat.


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