Watch Most Amazing Groomsmen Dance Ever !


Almost every woman wants to have a wedding with a gentleman. Well this wedding had more than that. She was surprised by her man, the groom and counterpart groomsmen who took to the stage to show their dancing skills. The groomsmen who were in black suits, took not only stunned the bride, but the all guests in attendance by this surprise dance.

They stomped the dance floor to the sweet tunes of Bruno Mars’s song Uptown Funk. With the groom taking the front line, the nine guys danced like it was the last time they will ever dance. The bride was so amazed at this act that she couldn’t get out of her chair. She was in front of the nine guys as they danced you would have thought they are dancing to the queen. Seriously, how many of you who have wedded, had their groomsmen dance for them? Maybe or maybe not, but one thing is for sure, this bride was the happiest woman in the world at that moment. The crowd loved it as they cheered to the groomsmen who show cased their moves taking off their coats, putting on their hats, sliding on the floor, woo!
If that’s not enough, the Dj who wasn’t captured in this video, couldn’t be left out of this wedding dance, the songs kept on coming as the groomsmen who by now had made the crowd so happy. The dancing plan was surely amazing. The moves seemed choreographed and the groomsmen knew exactly what to do as they moved together in sync. On top of that, just as the crowd thought maybe this could be the last song, the guys got crazy with next song by Dj Jago as they took off their coats and showed the crowd what a wedding should be like with the swiftest moves before they made the guests go higher as they again put on their coats and danced to the next song .This was an amazing wedding ever !


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