Top 10 Health Benefits of Yoga


A passionate practitioner of yoga eventually knows and has noticed much benefits of yoga. This may be as from better sleep and getting more relaxed feelings while at ease. Science that evolves in accordance with the western ways of living has provided a number of clues on how yoga is efficient in improving health, prevent pains and also keep sickness away. Once you get perfect understanding of this, you will eventually have more motivation to step on the mat and you would be far away from doubt on the western proof.

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Below are ways in which the western culture proves to be a beneficial way for yoga practitioners to their health:

1. Improves flexibility

The perfect way to improvement of flexibility is through yoga. When it comes to your first class, you would indeed not have the ability to touch your toes but if you stick to frequent yoga practice, you would eventually realize loosening in the body and impossible posses turn out to be possible. This will also bring about no more aches and pains. With tight hips, he knee joint may be strained due to improper alignment on the thigh and the shinbones.


2. Gives one a perfect posture

A human head is like a big, round ball. When it gets a perfect balance directly over a sine that is erect, it gives the neck and the back a much lesser duty to support it. Any movement several inches forward begins straining the muscles. A state of being tired is eventually brought about by holding up the head as you lean forward for a period of 12 hours a day. Fatigue on the other hand cannot be the only problem. Having a poor posture can also bring problems to the joints, neck and other muscles. the body may be compensated along the neck and the lower back by flattening of the normal inward curves. This may eventually bring about pain and degenerative arthritis along the spine.


3. Prevents joint breakdown

Every moment you try out doing yoga, you give your joints to a full range of movement. Yoga may assist in preventing the event of degenerative arthritis by squeezing areas that are affected by cartilage and are often rarely used. Joint cartilage is in the form of a sponge in a way that it receives nutrients that are fresh only when the fluid in it is squeezed out and therefore leads to soaking up of the new supply. Areas that face neglect of cartilage may wear out eventually and expose the bones that are underlying like brake pads which are worn out. This may happen due to lack of proper sustenance.


4. Increases the blood flow

Yoga makes the blood have a perfect flow. The exercises that are based on relaxation during yoga help in blood circulation especially in the feet and hands. It also provides more oxygen to the blood cells which gives them a better functioning. Some of the styles applied in yoga encourage venous blood that come from the pelvis and legs to flow back to the heart.


5. Boosts immunity and drains the lymph

When the muscles are stretched and contracted, organs moved all round and Come through yoga postures, drainage of the lymph is increased. This provides the lymphatic system the strength to destroy cells that are cancerous and fight infections.


6. Increases the heart rate

When the heart rate receives a regular aerobic range, the risk of getting a heart attack is lowered and thus relieving depression. If yoga is done in a vigorous mode, the heart rate can be boosted to t the aerobic range. Studies have proved that yoga gives an increase in the heart endurance and brings the resting heart rate to a lower level.


7. Reduces blood pressure

Yoga is termed as beneficial to victims of high blood pressure. Studies of hypertension victims compared effects associated with Savasana with being as simple as lying on the couch. It was later associated with a drop of 26-point in systolic blood pressure and a drop of 15-point in diastolic blood pressure.


8. Regulates the adrenal glands

The cortisol levels in the body are lowered by yoga. The adrenal glands produce cortisol that are in response to crisis that is termed as acute. This crisis eventually boosts the functioning of the immune system. A sequence of temporary boost of the cortisol level helps the body in having a long-term memory ability.


9. Makes you happy

The practice of yoga in a consistent manner provides an improvement in depression and also an increase in the levels of serotonin with a sequential decrease in the levels of monoamine oxidase and cortisol. Research found out that a situation of heightened activity in mediators from the cortex on the left prefrontal. This finding has been associated with higher levels of happiness with better functions in immunity.


10. Improves the body balance

Regular practice of yoga gives an individual the ability to improve balance and also being able to feel what the body is able to do and what it really wants. People known to have bad posture are linked to knee problems and pains in the back. Availability of better balance is related to fewer falling abilities.


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