Best Laughing News Bloopers Amazing Reporters


News professionals are always smart and composed. They leave us thinking that they are always on top of their game. Well I cannot blame anyone for thinking that, these news professionals always have perfect hair, classy clothes, sparkling shoes, flashy watches and jewelry, nothing compared to people in other professions. They leave no room for disappointment to their viewers.

However, man is to error and they are all human like us. When the news anchors and reports mess, chances are the cameras are rolling, capturing the wholes feed, hence the bloopers. Bloopers are great since we get to see news professionals when they are completely off their game and sometimes making fools out of themselves. In addition, they remind us of some of the hilarious situations anchors and reporters are often confronted with in their profession.

Every day anchors and reporters go live on TV to report the news. They always capture lots of people’s attention. Therefore, when bloopers happen and they always happen, those mishaps are seen by many people.

For instance, Rookie Anchor Aj Clemente was fired after Worst First Day Ever. The story unfolds that AJ Clemente had what could be his worst day ever and also his last day. The reason behind this label is that Clemente misbehaved. While his co-anchor was reading the introduction, Clemente wasn’t aware that he was live on air, nor was he aware that his mic was also live. People could clearly hear him muttering expletives as the show begins. This was so awkward.

In another blooper, a report gets owned by sled. What an ordeal! Well, while reporting on a snowy, sloppy hillside, the reporter does not see a sled coming, flying towards him; rather he sees it when it’s too late. What follows is a fascinating feat of accidental and unplanned acrobatics. However, he manages to finish his report. I must congratulate him on that, what a pro!

All am saying is, sometimes the best moments on TV happen unexpectedly. That’s certainly the case in the bloopers detailed above which is basically a super cut of two reporters as they deal with earthquake ordeals, slips of tongue mistakes, falls and other on air mistakes. Most people are fans of bloopers, some of the favorite bloopers from 2014 include, Erykah Bdu’s interruption of a live news cast, Alaskan news anchor who quit live on air, Samuel Jackson’s on air rant on how he is not Laurence Fiushburne and Meggy Kelly’s famous  Slip over on Fox News. However, these are not enough; there are still lots of new stuff to catch in 2015.

They say laughter is best medicine. Well bloopers will get you sprawling on the floor. You get to see life in another dimension and it lightens up your moments. They are nice videos to keep you going when you are bored and idle.


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