Roller skaters Billy and Emily are Just Awesome !


This past spring on Britain’s Got Talent, an incredible act caught that attention of many people. Billy and Emily, a sibling act, skated their names into many households as they performed death-defying, roller-skating stunts in their audition for Britain’s Got Talent.

Billy, whose real name is Billy Francesco Arata, was born in 1986 in Birmingham. His family is from a long-line of circus performers, and, sadly enough, he knows the dangers of crazy stunts, having had several family members that died during such stunts. He has two siblings, younger brother, Victor, and younger sister, Emily. All three are performers. Billy started skating at the age of eight, when it was introduced to him by his mother, and the skill has blossomed into what you see today.

Emily’s, whose real name is Carmen Emilia Arata, born in 1989, was also born in Birmingham. Emily, who began training at the ripe-old-age of four, is famous for her circus acts and stunts, as well as her extreme roller-skating as seen on the show. Britain’s Got Talent wasn’t the first time Emily has been in the spotlight. Previously, Emily appeared on various other reality TV shows. These have included, “When Will I Be Famous?” in 2007, and “Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack” in 2008.

This amazing video showcases the talents of both Billy and Emily. What you see is quite akin to the level of stunts you’d expect to see on an ice rink in a figure skating performance. Not knowing what is coming, the audience is apprehensive, even booing Billy and Emily early on in their performance. However, the boos turn to cheers when the crowd realizes what’s really going on. They find out quickly that they were wrong, and these roller skaters are awesome!

The performance all takes place on a circle of about 5 feet in diameter. It’s crazy! From the level of danger presented, it’s obvious that this activity requires a lot of practice and skill. You can see their acrobatic background represented in the siblings’ act as well. There is a lot of spinning and twirling, some of it taking place from what shockingly looks like a double-looped noose. It’s something you have to see to believe.

From the shouts and cheers of the audience, this one is an obvious hit. Their performance, as posted via video on YouTube, has gone viral with already 18 million views! One of the judges referred to it as a “fresh spin on roller-skating” and even Simon Cowell was impressed, so what does that tell you? It’s truly worth seeing. Billy and Emily are stars.


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