Jasmin Taylor Self-Made Millionaire Entrepreneur


Jasmin Taylor moved to Germany when she was 17-year-old from Iran , Tehran with about $500 in her pocket , she doesn’t even talk to Germany and has no connection that time, Now her company JT Touristik is an established and owner-managed tour operator from Berlin hit $150 million Euro in revenue within just six years and they’re one of the major tour operators in the tourism industry how offer package trips and hotel specials for around 150 destinations.

The main target areas is Dubai and Abu Dhabi also they offer package deals to Italy, Egypt, Turkey and Spain as well as the Indian Ocean , Maldives and the Seychelles. To get started as a successful entrepreneur , She took language course went to High School and studied psychology and business management at college Then Start working full-time in a hotel and dreamed of a future as an entrepreneur.

She Said : As I understood industry in 2002 before deciding to start a business, there were basically only three products that you could sell successfully online : books, CDs and travel . I love traveling too much , So I decided to start My own Tour and Travel agency company .

I think Most Important basic requirement for starting a business is courage and hard work and Of course in addition to hard work is always a little bit of luck and the support of a great and competent team important criteria that led you to success.

JT Touristik headquarters building is a dream workplace for almost 50 employees of the company, With a view of a swimming pool, landscaped gardens. pink color can be found everywhere , which are also the trademark and logo of JT Touristik. She loves Pink color and is important element in defining the JT Company color, Our offers are all about enjoyment, having fun, letting go and This suggests Pink , identity for a fresh and feminine color other word Pink is a color that suggests beauty, radiates quality and is female .

Her long term goal is to work less and Travel as much as she can , For my travel plans, I have a strong team that acts in my mind and I can trust wholeheartedly in my absence.


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