The Heartbreaking Story of Chau and Jennifer Carter


Solomon Chau, a 26 years old young and energetic Chef whose belonged from Ontario, started working in Toronto to make his career as a chef. Chau had a hardworking nature and was focused on his future and goals. He wanted to get a job in excellently restaurants of Canada or even worldwide. Jennifer Carter, girlfriend of Chau, met him a year back in spring and fell in deep love with him. The couple decided to get married and arranged their wedding in August 2015.

Everything was going smooth and good, before the young couple came to know about Chau’s terminal situation. He was suffering from liver cirrhosis disease. Both stood solid and supported each other and went ahead for surgery of Solomon’s which was successful. As per the doctors, he was recovering well and would had recovered soon. The couple continued with their normal routine and was enjoying their life with same joy and love.

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Solomn was a loving guy who loved spending time with his family, friends and relatives. He was very kind hearted; caring by nature and always used to help others who were in need. For many, he was their best friend who always directed his friends onto the right path. However, in march, his liver cancer came back and this situation started making his liver weak. This wasn’t expected because he went through a surgery just 3 months back to get rid of the situation. Solomon was also recovering good at that time after his surgery. But this time, sad story was conveyed by the doctor that his cancer has came back and is spreading in his whole body and cannot be controlled now. This news was shattering to all the people who were close to the young chef.
It was even more disturbing for Jennifer Carter. The couple however, was managing well and were supporting each other. It was heartbreaking for the both of Solomon Chau and Jennifer Carter as his disease became incurable. Jennifer knew it very well that this time, her love of life will not be able to recover.

As days passed by, Solomon and Jennifer documented their journey together. And finally in August 15, Chau felt a severe stomach pain and was rushed to a nearby hospital. While on his was to the hospital, he was declared dead. It was 17th of August 2015, just 5 days before his marriage which was on 22 Aug 15.


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