Top 10 Food To Boost Your Brain Power


The brain is one the most delicate part of the body that requires special treatment. There are several brain boosting foods that you should always include in your diet to aid in boosting your brain.

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The foods are very healthy and have been recommended by the best doctors world-wide. Some of these top rated and healthy foods for the brain include:

Oily fish

The brain requires some fatty acids known as EFAs but the body cannot produce them. This therefore implies that you can always get them from die and oily fish is a great source of these Omega-3 that are given in the form of DHA and EPA. Despite the availability of Omega-3 in other foods, it is only in fish that you will get it in the required form of EPA and DHA. Some of the fish you can eat are salmon, sardines, kippers, trout and herring among others. Besides being very suitable for healthy brain function, they also aid in boosting joints and the general health of the body.


This is another smart brain boosting food recommended because of its reliable source of energy. You should always take low-GI whole-grains that are known for maintaining the body’s general alertness and slowly releasing the glucose into blood the stream. For a healthy body, it is also advisable to take non-refined sources of whole grain. This therefore implies that the best healthy whole grains are the brown cereals, brown pasta and granary bread among others.

Eat more tomatoes

The tomato also aid in boosting the brain because it contains lycopene. This is a special antioxidant found in tomatoes and it aids during the development of Alzheimer’s. It does this by offering protecting to the free radical cells that may cause harm to the cell during this period. It is therefore very healthy to aid in boosting the brain.

Use vitamins to add vitality

You should always find a suitable way of minimizing the level of homocysteine in the body. This is because higher levels of this substance in the body brings about health complications like cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s and stroke. The best foods that can always aid the body to minimize the levels of homocysteine are the B-vitamins which include: B6, B12 and folic acids. These will therefore aid in boosting the brain.

Overindulge on blueberries

The blueberry is another smart brain boosting food that you need to consume at a higher rate. The blueberries are very suitable because the aid in enhancing or delaying the short term memory loss.

Consume some pumpkin seeds

The pumpkins seeds are the best sources of zinc in the body. Through this, the body will be able to get the required amount of zinc that will improve your thinking skills and memory. This is one of the best foods that will boost the brain effectively.


This is another perfect food that enhances the brain power. The broccoli do contain vitamin K that is required by the body to improve both the brainpower and cognitive functions. It therefore implies that in case you need to boost brain, then always bet on broccoli.

Take some blackcurrant

The blackcurrant is a good source of source brain boosting food. It is very healthy and the best source of Vitamin C. This vitamin is known for increasing the mental agility and through this, it will boost the brain effectively. You should find the blackcurrant fruits and not the refined forms that may be unhealthy for the body.

Take some nuts

Taking of nuts is very crucial for the body. This is because the nuts are the best source of Vitamin E that is known for preventing cognitive decline. This will therefore aid in boosting the brain mostly in the elderly people. The other recommended sources of Vitamin E are olives, eggs, green vegetables and brown rice among others.


This is another smart brain boosting food that you need to sprinkle on. Besides providing very essential oil to the body, it is also known for enhancing the brain’s memory. To improve your memory, then you need to take more of sage that is very healthy and highly recommended.

These are some of the highly recommended foods that will boost your brainpower. They are very healthy and most of them are readily available. You should therefore find a healthy diet that will enhance your brainpower among these foods.


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