The Judges Agree That Magdalena is AMAZING!


Britain’s Got Talent 2015 is perhaps one of the best, if not the best, season for this widely acclaimed show. According to Simon Cowell, “It was one of the best series we’ve done”. The 12 finalists showed amazing and exceptional talent. The season also witnessed unique and extreme talents such as the contortion act by Magdalena Stoilova.

During the first audition week of Britain’s Got Talent 2015, the judges watched – in complete awe – the most jaw-dropping performance they have ever seen. The act was by Magdalena Stoilova, a 36 year old artist, performer, and extreme contortionist from Frankfurt Am Main Area, Germany. Aside from having a beautiful face, Magdalena is gifted with an extremely agile and dexterous body giving her the ability to twist and turn and bend over backwards to the utmost amazement and disbelief of Britain’s Got Talent judges. At the end of the performance, all the judges agreed that contortionist Magdalena is AMAZING! Some people may find this kind of act as rather disturbing and freakish but the four judges on the show are in agreement that Magdalena is an extra-ordinary contortionist. The last portion of her act where she twisted her entire torso and making the lower half of her body facing opposite the upper half of her body sealed the deal for the judges.
Contortion, sometimes referred to as contortionism, is a form of performance art where the artist showcases skills involving extreme dexterity. What captivates the audience, and the judges in contests like Britain’s Got Talent, is the flexibility that is seemingly inhuman and difficult to fathom. Several factors affect the flexibility of the human body like age, genetics, and dedication to the difficult physical training involved. Generally, there are two types of contortionists: the front-benders and the back-benders. The general public would not be able to do what these talented performers. These days, contortion is getting its much needed worldwide viewer attention as an art form but in countries like Russia and Mongolia, contortion holds a special cultural significance.


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