Top 3 Fitting Room Mistakes Women Make


It is no secret that there are many women out there who have experienced the feeling of being overwhelmed and near tears after spending hours in the dressing room trying on clothes that just won’t fit. If you don’t know the right way and wrong way of trying on clothes, shopping can be one traumatic experience for you.

Trying on clothes should be fun, but the following three Fitting Room Mistakes can make this experience dreadful.

Not knowing your body size and shape

More than often, most women go shopping without knowing their body shape or size. This is a huge mistake since you will enter a store and start pulling things that are looking good on the hanger yet they are not of the right shape and size for your body. While in the dressing room, you will put them on but they will not look good on you, and then you will feel awful. Probably you will hate shopping since you can’t find something that fit your body shape properly. Therefore, it is important to know your body shape as well as be able to identify something that will look great on you before heading to the dressing room.

Shopping for more than you need

This is among the most common mistakes that women make when shopping. Instead of focusing on the items that you need, you end being distracted by other cute clothes in the store. You might have planned to purchase a black dress for a work occasion or a conference. You enter a store looking for your new black career wear, but suddenly you spot an orange shift summer dress. It is not what you came for, but since it is so cute you grab it and shift your focus back to the black work dress you were looking for. Again, you spot a silky blue tank top that fits your size. You grab it and add a bright white bikini. Before you know it your dressing room is filled with clothes that you had not planned to purchase and probably your black work dress is not part of it. This shopping mistake will make you feel overwhelmed due to purchasing things that you don’t need.

Knowing the brands that fit you

It is important to note that not all the brands will fit you. While I was on a shopping trip with one of my best friend at my favorite boutique, I noticed some group of women trying out a certain brand. While the brand fit most of the women perfectly, it did not work for one the ladies. She ended up feeling bad about her body shape and broke in tears because nothing was fitting her as she wanted. I approached her and convinced her to try another brand. To her surprise, the new brand fit her body beautifully. I explained to her and her friends that the previous brand just wasn’t the right fit for her. The lady was very happy, and she made wonderful purchases. That brand highlighted her beauty and she left the boutique feeling more confident than ever.

Therefore, when shopping, you need to know the brands that fit your body shape perfectly. When something doesn’t fit you well, don’t assume that there’s a problem lies with your body.

Shopping is supposed to be a fun experience and not to stress you to a point of wishing you had a different body shape. You are already beautiful and as long as you keep in mind these three shopping mistakes, you will have the best experience the next time you take a trip to the dressing room.



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