Top 5 Mistakes Young Drivers Make


When it comes to driving, young teens are more likely to have a car crash than most adults. There are many things that may be the cause of these car crashes. This article has a brief look at the top five mistakes young teen drivers make while they are driving.


There are many things that can distract young drivers while they are driving. These include: texting, eating, music, arguing with passengers, doing your makeup, smoking and more. Texting is a very popular cause of teen car crashes whilst they are driving. Even a device that is hands free can still be a great distraction. The best thing to do for your own safety is to keep a mobile phone in the luggage area of your vehicle. This means that you cannot reach it until you reached your destination. It also means that you have no other choice but to pay attention with what is going on around you.

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Speeding is very common amongst young teen drivers. Why? Because young teens do not realize how the speed of a car really can affect how they respond to what is happening around them. Recent studies have shown that young teen males between fifteen and twenty years old, in particular, are often involved with speeding. It is better to drive too slow than too fast. Your safety and the safety of those traveling with you is vital.

3.Drinking and Driving

If a teen is drinking whilst they are driving, you can be sure they will not use the Safety habits required. These safety habits include putting on seat belts. Drink driving really is a major issue among teens. Most of the time they are not even old enough to drink.

4.Traffic Signs

When it comes to traffic signs, many young teens will often ignore them. They may also misjudge when the right time for them to continue driving is. It is important that all young teen drivers obey all traffic signs. Not just some of them. These signs are there for the safety of all drivers.

5.Taking Risks That Are Not Necessary

There all kinds of risks that come with driving. These ricks may include driving through a yellow light amongst others. Try taking the following safety steps in order to avoid taking risks that really are not necessary. Always check your blind spot regularly. Not just on the odd occasion. Use the indicators on your vehicle every time you turn corners or change lanes. This will let other drivers know what your intentions are. Never speed. Even just a little bit. Don’t allow yourself to get distracted. Never drive when you have alcohol in your blood.

If you are a teen, you must get as much supervised driving practice as possible. This will give your more driving experience. You will also learn how to better judge situations rather than taking unnecessary risks. Many mistakes that young teen drivers make whilst driving include: texting on mobile phones, driving with alcohol in their blood, and ignoring traffic signs.


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