10 Foods You Should Eat Every Day


“When taste rules your tongue, health can be at loss”. Food that is vital for one’s survival can become harmful if it does not have the right constituents. Too much of oil and fat when consumed on daily basis is bad for the human body. But as one says, goodness and badness are two sides of the same coin and where some are harmful for body some are a boon when consumed regularly. Here is a list of top ten items that you should consume every day to stay healthy and live longer.

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  1. Fenugreek

Greens are a must in every one’s diet. Supplementing with the necessary vitamins and fiber, green leafy vegetables when consumed fresh are always a tasty to eat. But, if there is one food item that can compete with greens in terms of fiber and mineral content, then it is undoubtedly fenugreek seeds. Both the leaves and seeds can be used to cook mouthwatering delicacies. Abundantly used in Indian and Chinese medicines their medicinal properties include improving digestion, inducing labor, increasing milk production in nursing mothers, regulating metabolism and controlling blood sugar and cholesterol. It can also reduce the excessive heat generation in your body. Soaking the seeds the previous night and eating them in the morning along with fresh curd keeps you cool throughout the day.

  1. Green tea

Fresh green tea is a detoxifier and also brings a vibrant look on your face and glow on your skin. Green tea is instrumental in triggering weight loss, immunity buildup to fight against cancer and also reduce the formation of free radicals that are the source of aeging. Green tea is now available in different flavors from various brands. But as a health conscious person you should check whether the fluoride content in the tea is within permissible limits. Two cups daily is an ideal prescription for good life.

  1. Yellow Pumpkin

Everyone surely remembers the nursery rhyme hero Peter, the pumpkin eater who kept his wife in a pumpkin shell and treated her very well. But in reality too, pumpkin lovers are healthy and fit. First and foremost, pumpkin is a low calorie vegetable which is rich in vitamin A and fiber. Also it is one of the deep colored vegetable that is rich in beta carotene an essential nutrient that prevents hair discoloration, vision and heart. Pumpkin seeds too are tasty and can be used as salad dressing. Pumpkin can be used to make a variety of soups and plenty of sweet puddings.

  1. Capsicum

Green, yellow, red color capsicums are the best when it comes to creating a salad dressing. These vegetables are deeply colored and hence add a visual treat in the food. The capsicums also known as bell peppers or paprika have different tastes. While the green one is sharp like a chilly, the yellow one is slightly sweeter than the green one and the red peppers are the sweetest. Capsicums have anti-cancer fighting nutrients in them and are also natural detoxifiers. Loaded with vitamin A and C these pricey vegetables are exotic and makes the dishes too turn exclusive.

  1. Legumes

A good amount of legumes in every day’s diet keeps your protein content intact. Some of the well-known and easily available legumes are tamarind, peas, lentils, beans, soybeans, peanuts etc. The legumes need to be soaked and then cooked for them to be edible. Growing a legume is good for atmosphere as it has nitrogen restoring capacity. These are rich in proteins, fiber, carbohydrates and micronutrients. Legumes can be steamed and eaten directly with a pinch of salt. Or they can be eaten along with sprouts and cold salad dressing. Plenty of Indian dishes use legumes in their recipie.

  1. Prunes

Prunes are the European plums in dried form. They are excellent dietary supplements. Being naturally sweet is their main attraction. Soaking prunes in water and then eating them later improves the bowel function in many people. Also when consumed in excess can lead to digestive disorders. Prunes fight against cancer, they prevent diabetes and obesity and also improve bone health. Prunes when consumed daily can reduce the free radical effect and make you look young and beautiful.

  1. Salmon

Eggs are good for health. But one step further, salmons are even better. The fish can be used to cook a variety of dishes from soups to puddings that taste heavenly. Salmon is generally tinned and canned and hence cooking a dish out of the same is easy with not much pre-processing. Salmon flesh is good source of proteins and the fish oil is good for eyesight. This health supportive food is rich in OMEGA 3 fatty acids that is good to fight cancer and heart problems. Also salmons contains bioactive proteins which aid in reducing acid reflex in the digestive track, balances insulin and assures sturdy bones and cartilages.

  1. Olive oil

Olive oil has indeed entered many kitchen where heart problems like cholesterol etc has created a ruckus. Virgin olive oil has OMEGA 3 Fatty acids that are good anti-oxidants and also can fight heart problems. Rich in vitamin E, it is a natural moisturizer and creates a glow in the skin along with weight loss when consumed regularly. Olive oil can be cooked on fire or used in the unheated form for salad dressing. Olive oil is a natural massaging oil and hence regular use will improve hair growth as well. Dishes like pasta, noodles taste yummy when tossed in olive oil. You can eat them regularly and wouldn’t feel repetitive.

  1. Salads

Small pieces of food boiled, par-boiled or uncooked when mixed in a sauce or dressing are called salads. Fruits and vegetables can be made into salads. Including fresh fruits and vegetable in daily meal is the best way to stay fit and healthy. Salads are a step towards this goal that makes the fruits and vegetables taste good along with the dressing. Fruit salad with ice cream, vegetable cold salad with pasta etc are some exotic dishes that can keep your mouth munching continuously and your body will function better.

  1. Curds, yogurts

Rich in probiotic bacteria, curds and flavored yogurts are favorites of many including children. They improve the zinc absorption quotient in the intestine there by increasing the kid’s immunity to fighting harmful bacteria. Curds can be consumed in their raw flavor or one can add salt or sugar for making the sourness disappear. Curds are also good for keeping the body cool and comfortable.

These are some food items that enrich your body from within when consumed on daily basis. They not only provide you with vitamins and minerals required for body function, but also have the capacity to nourish skin and hair to make you look younger than usual. So, run to the supermarket to get these food items that are crunchy, munchy and at the same time healthy.





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