Girl Does Funny Back-flip in McDonald’s


If you are having a bad day, week, or even month, this video of a girl doing a back-flip in McDonald’s will surely make you laugh. The ‘girl with blonde and pink hair’ was with her three genius friends when she decided to perform a comedic act in a Swedish McDonald’s.

She decided to go over to the counter where there were no workers present and do a back-flip, something she dubbed as the “McBackflip”. The video gets even better when she knocks over the cash registers and makes a huge mess and lots of noise in the peaceful fast food restaurant. Even though this short clip is only fourteen seconds long, the laughs from it are almost guaranteed to persist for minutes. The video was recorded on a cell phone and was captured by one of her friends, who was laughing after the funny incident.

After the ‘girl with blonde and pink hair’ knocked over the cash register, the three genius friends quickly panicked and decided to stop recording and most likely get out of the McDonald’s, while still having some of their dignity with them. By observing the video in greater detail, the ‘girl with the blonde and pink hair’ was definitely not willing to show off her gymnastic skills and try the world’s first ever McBackflip, if it was not for her friends.

Her friends are most likely the main reason why this funny stunt was attempted in the first place and judging from their ages, it seems like this stunt was done for jokes and giggles and not because of peer pressure. I have one suggestion for the ‘girl with the blonde and pink hair’ who is probably enjoying her 14 seconds of fame and that is to never try this stunt again because who knows what else she could have broke. Thank God only the cash register got knocked down.


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