Amazing Boy Plays With a Giant Python


They say a dog is a man’s best friend but what about a 265lb Burmese python snake being friends with a 6 year old boy. This incredibly large snake showed up in a home in Sithbou Village, Cambodia in 2006 and never left. The family took in the snake as a pet. During the time the snake arrived they also had a baby boy named Sambath , they’re now best friends.

Sambath only being a couple weeks old when the snake arrived doesn’t understand that his best friend is extremely dangerous.The snake has been with the family for 6 years. The mother of the family named the snake Chomreun which means” lucky” in Khmer. She believes the snake will bring good fortune to the family.

Most parents wouldn’t imagine letting their young child play with a snake, let alone a massive 265 pound snake. As most people might see this as an incredibly dangerous situation, for this Cambodia family it is a blessing. Six year old Sambath and Chomreun the snake sleep together, play together, and Sambath even rides on the snakes back.

I personally couldn’t imagine letting my children play with a 5 meter 265lb snake but I guess this is normal for this family. Many people come to see the snake, visiting, hoping to share in its good luck and fortune. It is so hard to wrap our heads around the fact that a 6 year old boy weighting less than 40lbs can be such good friends with a gigantic snake. It’s even harder to believe that the family feels safe and comfortable that the snake will not hurt them or make a meal out of their child. It’s a scary thought to think that one night the family might wake up and something terrible could have happened their son. After 6 years the family loves their unusual pet and Chomereun the snake loves them too. video (Source)


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