Top 7 Foods That Fight Cancer


Undeniably, cancer is becoming one of the human’s feared diseases since it does not have any definite cure. The spread of the disease is alarmingly increasing primarily due to changes in lifestyles and eating habits and the Anti-cancer drugs and vaccines produced are not providing any ultimate cure. An anti-cancer diet is a crucial strategy used to reduce and prevent the risk of cancer. Eating fruits and vegetables routinely can reduce this disease significantly; these foods contain chemical supplements that boost the body immunity that helps the body fight tumor cells naturally.

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These anti-cancer foods have been discussed below:


Intake of tomatoes helps to protect men from prostate cancer; it contains the juicy red lycopene compound, a high concentration of an effective potent antioxidant. It also prevents the formation of certain cancers such as breast, pancreas, and colorectal cancer. Tomato lowers the risk of heart diseases and contains anti-inflammatory properties that improve the overall body health. The contents of lycopene can be increased by cooking.


Berries contain potent antioxidants that reduce the activity of the naturally occurring free radicals that causes damage to the cells. It contains polyphenols compounds such as ellagitannin and tannic acid that inhibit cancer growth and spread, and enhances elimination of carcinogens. Berries such as blackberries have a high content of anthocyanins, favanols, and hydroxycinnamic acids that contain the effective antioxidant property.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables containing broccoli, Brussel and cauliflower have a high content of phytonutrients that reduce oxidative effects and cellular damage of free radicals and peroxides that may cause damage to the cells. Broccoli contains a powerful antioxidants glucoraphanin and indole-3-carbinol, which reduces the risk of cervical, gastric, breast, and prostate cancer. Besides, broccoli has a high amount of sulforaphane, a compound that inhibits the activity of cancer-causing chemicals, slows the tumor’s growth, and facilitates the death of cancer cells.

Green tea

Green tea such as green and black teas contains catechins, which acts as antioxidants phytochemicals that prevent the free radicals from damaging cells, cause existing tumors shrinking, and reduce tumor cell reproduction and growth. In addition, it reduces heart diseases, lowers blood pressure, and lower cholesterol levels.

Whole Grains

Whole grains such as quinoa, barley, brown rice, oatmeal, oats and whole-wheat bread contain fiber, vitamins, minerals, and high contents of phytonutrients that help lowers and prevent some types of cancer such as colorectal cancer. Also, they contain ferulic and ellagic acids antioxidants that prevent free radicals and radiation damage, all which may stimulate cancer.


Kale contains indoles compounds that may help to prevent the conversion of specific lesions to cancer-causing cells in estrogen-sensitive tissues. The phytochemicals and isothiocyanates, contained in kales enhance the suppression of tumor growth and reduce the action of cancer-causing agents. The presence of vitamin A and calcium helps prevent osteoporosis reactions that may inhibit anti-cancer treatments. Importantly, the presence of vitamin K and omega-3 fatty acids in kale contain anti-inflammatory properties. High content of fiber and sulfur enhances detoxification, thus eliminating toxins or drugs in the cells that may trigger cancer


Garlic contains incredible antioxidants such as alicin that prevent free radicals that may lead to cancerous cells production. Besides it enhances detoxification process, lowers blood pressure, boosts immunity, reduces cholesterol levels, and improves brain function. It reduces some types of cancer associated with the digestive organs such as the food pipe, stomach, and colon. Supplements contained in the pungent bulbs may lower the activity and multiplication of cancer-causing agents in the body.


Papaya fruit contains high a content of vitamins C and beta-carotene, which works as potent antioxidants; Vitamin C prevents the absorption of cancer-causing nitrosamines from processed foods and soil. Papaya contains folic acid, which helps to reduce cervical dysplasia and certain types of cancers. It also contains papain, a protein-digesting enzyme that boosts digestion, thus improving body health.

Conclusively, it is undeniably true that we are what we eat; a balanced diet allows the body to heal and protect the body from diseases. As explained above, consumption of anti- cancer diets foods such as Tomatoes, Berries, Cruciferous Vegetables, Green tea, Whole Grains, Kale, Garlic, and Papaya help prevent and lower the chances of various types of cancer. These foods contain antioxidants property, reduce inflammatory effects, prevent cellular damage, enhance detoxification, and contain essential phytonutrients that entirely improves the health of the body and prevent deadly cancer disease.


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