What She Does With Hula Hoops is Awesome !


Artists are well known for challenging the conventions of the world and creating new forms of art to express their emotions and views. The technique, thought process and working style of each artist is unique. Artists have the capability to think out of the box and come up with new, innovative ideas that often change the trend.


Katie Sunshine as an artist has shown tremendous creativity with the hula hoop, which is often considered as a toy. Katie has made the hula hoop her medium with which she explores her creativity in a unique and fun way. She has the taken the simple hula hoop and made slight modifications to it to create amazing paintings.

To make cool paintings like Katie, all you need are A good hula hoop with holes drilled into it at even spacing. Good quality paints and canvas. Open space to practice your talent.
Katie’s video is now going viral with many fans appreciating her creativity. Katie has created a series of amazing and unique paintings with her new, innovative technique which is inspiring many others to try their hand at it.

Before starting to make your own colorful painting using Katie’s Paint Hoop technique make sure that you keep these things in mind.Make sure that you can balance your hoop and work easily. Practice with the hoop for a few minutes before filling it with paint. Make sure that the holes drilled into the hoop are not too small or too big. The holes have to be just enough for the paint to splatter on the canvas. As you might get soaked in paint yourself, it is a good idea to check whether you are allergic to the paints that you are using.

Choose comfortable clothes to create your unique masterpiece. Lastly, don’t forget that this technique can create quite a mess. So it is advisable to create your paintings in open spaces to avoid a messy room.


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