Paris Hilton’s Reactions to the Plane Crash Prank


I think we understand Prank is funny and worth to laugh when is happy ending and ended up in shock and fear for person is not funny at all , specially when someone is in very stressful situation . Recently a television show and host in  MBC Channel made a prank in Dubai and they target is popular model and celebrity Paris Hilton .


A good micro allegory, if the writer may, for the instance the Paris Hilton has experienced in the last few months over this exploding story about a prank video. In first finding out about the hoax, she laughed it off until the ripples began to affect her everyday life. She then was said to have told a few business associates that she was furious, and wanted to sue the pranksters for placing her character on the free falling airplane.

In this Prank show , Egyptian Television host of self-titled Ramez in Control, Remez Galal pays a pilot actor and stand in for Paris Hilton to pull off a prank video of a celebrity plane crash. The Pilot pretends to shut down the engines and plane electronics and sends the plane into a nose dive. The Stand in actress basically just shrieks in fear at the impending crash.

Remez Galal is an Egyptian actor and singer. His most notable work is in talk show hosting, reality TV, and for the past 1 or so, hosting the prank show. He has appeared in Egyptian films sin graduating from the Egyptian arts academy in 2001, appearing in over eleven films over an eleven year period.

The video prank was played on the television show all over Egypt and internet videos that reached the United States sent some fans into a panic. It wasn’t till the massive recoil that Paris Hilton sought out whom created this plan crash prank, on this prank television show.

Now she knows the perpetrator and is seeking civil damages for the emotional, and potentially mental distress caused by such a untasteful video. There has yet to be any legal action, but the intent is there. Paris Hilton, associates, or the legal team to be hired by the Hilton’s has yet to release a number on which she will seek repercussion. Leaving the Celebrity watchers, Paris Hilton fans, or causal reader in a somewhat suspenseful waiting.


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