Unbelievable Moment As Lion Opens Car Door


Did the title sound absurd? Well, you are not the only one, I guess. For many, including those who have gone through, this may be impossible. But human is not the only smart animal after all.


A family went to a safari park in order to have some memorable moments. When they returned, they had some incredible and unbelievable moments captured on tape.

The video starts with a group of lionesses who have just hunted down an animal. The herd is resting under shade of a tree. Then one lioness, amazed by seeing the new creature on wheels, moves towards it. For a while she observes it completely. Then suddenly, she grabs the door handle in her mouth and pull opens it. The videographer is so scared that she cannot shoot further and jeers the camera. Although, in just a moment from being opened by the lioness, the door is closed. No one is hurt here but shocked and horrified by the recent events.

In a video of 1 minute and 13 seconds, these people go through the most extraordinary experiences in the wild animal park. No one could have imagined that lions can be this smart. It’s just a boon that the lioness didn’t attack them. Yet they got a good lesson: They should not leave their cars open.

Eventually everyone is safe and sound. But we have some questions. What if the lioness had not ate recently? What if she was still hungry? What if she was scared of seeing this new animal and launched attack on it? Well, some questions are not supposed to be answered, they are to be enjoyed. After all, had anything from these took place, we wouldn’t have got the opportunity to witness such an undeliverable event. So, whenever you travel to wild Animal Park, make sure your car’s doors are locked properly.


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