Most Funniest Wedding Fails Ever


Weddings are a celebration of love and life. With the Best Wedding Fail Compilations 2015, it is clear to see that a little bit of humor goes a long way. Being all dressed up and in a fancy environment doesn’t necessarily mean the groom will behave. Sliding down a bannister gets this unlucky groom to the bottom in no time at all. Then, of course, there is the risk of involving any animal of any kind in a wedding celebration. A new rule for etiquette: never stand behind any animal while wearing a white dress, ever.


Catching the bouquet seems to resemble a football line out more than ladies hoping to get hitched. This is now such a competitive sport that team try-outs are starting to take place after engagement parties. Cutting the cake is a beautiful occurrence, just make sure that you’re cutting the real cake and ask for butter cream frosting. Also, when having a cake-out, try leave some cake for the guests to sample as well before turning it into your weapon of choice. A cake dive with a fake cake is just the thing to do, before tossing your bride into the shallow waves for a romantic ocean pose.

Weddings can be a stressful occurrence for page boys and what is a wedding without someone fainting? Another stressful event is making sure that you don’t sit on the mulberries while wearing your white dress if you understand the meaning. Bridal care packages need to form part of your planning. A wedding dress can be quite heavy as well, and twisting and turning through wheat fields may just leave you feeling a little bit closer to the ground.

For those who love dancing, the excitement of a wedding and the combination of an applauding crowd may just convince you that you know a few dance moves you really don’t. Perhaps a little more practice before the next one.


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