Linode vs. DigitalOcean – Which is a Better Host ?


Virtual Private Severs (VPS) are useful in the current generation. They play an integral role in the lives of web users as they offer them the reliable, effective and quickest services to help them manage their services in the most perfect ways. While there are other relevant chances in the internet world, we have some that have made a name as the most trusted hosting servers and quality ones that offer professional host reviews and modern quick services. They have encompassed the modern VPS services to make sure that users enjoy quality and perfect services in a big and better platform of reality. A comparison of Linode vs. DigitalOcean offers the perfect opportunities to understand their functions. We take this as the best platform to offer you their benefits, their functions, their Pros and cons and how each work in a frame of realty.


There are many reviews for Linode and DigitalOcean but for whatever reason every review had its test on a specific plan on every hosting company. Getting a relatively clear comparison to give reliable results for the plans, a moderate plan will work. While their plans and offers keep changing is it advisable to keep checking to be on the right track when choosing the preferred VPS service to use.

Performance and Speed test

Using both Linode and DigitalOcean to test their performance speed you will get that Linode has the single core UnixBench and their performance is 516.6. DigitalOcean on the other hand has 1,235.7. That means any user at a single core level, the DigitalOcean gives almost twice speed that of Linode. It gets even different considering that Linode has 6 cores and DigitalOcean has 4. The expectations here are that the more the cores, the faster the speed, but it is contrary in this review test.

With Digital Ocean less by 50 percent cores their score is almost twice that of Linode. In other words, every single CPU core from Digital Ocean, it is 100 percent faster than every one core in Linode. Some of the possible explanations can be that may be Linode has more users compared to DigitalOcean. This can also mean that DigitalOcean is generally good in that.

Linode VPS Monthly Pricing

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DigitalOcean VPS Monthly Pricing

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A look at DigitalOcean offers many the best opportunities of understanding its functionalities. It is now regarded as a big fish because it has been working for yeast develop classy services and make sure that users enjoy wide variety of quality VPS host services. It is now regarded as one of the big companies because it has been performing excellently surpassing Google and now becoming the 3rd biggest hosting company in the world. A comparison with Linode makes it take a lead when it comes to low cost of entry. The company charges are reasonable on VPS and other services. It has a lowest server going at $ 5 in the current times and it comes with 512 MB RAM, 1 CPU and great 2GGB SSD. It offers individuals the perfect abilities to scale up easily. Linode on the other hand offers its low costs of entry at $10 with 1GB and a great CPU plan which depending on the server, can be twice the amount of that offered by Digital Ocean, this is because it offers twice the memory.



Data Centers

DigitalOcean offers users multiple data centers. It has more than 7 data centers and they are located in some of the major cities across the globe-especially in developed nations. They have some in New York, Amsterdam, Singapore, San Francisco and London. On the other hand, Linode takes the lead with some of the trusted multiple data centers that have been scattered in some of the most developed cities of the world. It has data centers located in Tokyo, UK, Japan, New Jersey, Dallas Texas, Atlanta Georgia and Fremont in California. These multiple data centers have been working so excellently for the two companies bringing massive growth and wide reach to more audience and those interested in web hosting.

Plan Comparison

Considering the two company’s hosting plans, the basic plan is as follows: They are almost similar in giving value for their customers’ money. In the price, DigitalOcean will cost $10 per month the same case with Linode, their competitor. The same scenario, RAM 1GB for both, CPU 1 core for both. Things change when it come to SSD Storage, DigitalOcean gives a 30GB while Linode is 24GB. In this plan, the included Bandwidth cost for Digital Ocean is $0.02 per GB whereas for Linode is $0.10 per GB (billed at $10 per month in 100GB increments). The Network In for the plan is 1Gbit for DigitalOcean while Linode is 40Bbit. For the Network out it is 1Gbit for DigitalOcean and 125Mbit for the Linode. A clear conclusion shows that DigitalOcean is the best host when it comes to bandwidth and storage capacity while Linode is best at networking. All other factors are the same.

Linode has been a big brand challenging the likes of Amazon but recently their close competitor has improved on their service and now the two are almost similar. DigitalOcean is filling the same position and getting audience as well. Volume-wise, these two competitors have done their best to maintain, at present. But most users are still not decided on their choice of VPS needs. They both have offers that almost overlap. DigitalOcean with a simpler to use platform, what most people may consider, whereas Linode has unmatched deals to offer and at the same time striving to get the simper platform as well. The two are rivals in business and will not allow a customized combination of their services. Therefore, the user has to analyze and come up with a comprehensive choice between the two. All in all, the choice will remain to be the one that suits the purpose of the customer’s hosting.


Interface and Applications

DigitalOcean has improved on their services and they now offer an easy to use and manage interface. Its interface is now intuitive and functioning excellently. It is very much more reliable and easier for users to operate and enjoy wide variety of unique and quality services. Their VPS interface has proved to work wonders and help majority of members enjoy quick and reliable services. Linode on the other hand has a great interface though not working and functioning professionally as compared to that of Digital Ocean. It may have issues with slow serves and some technicalities at some times especially to new members.
Digital Ocean has quick deployment of common application. It is easier for users to set “droplets”. This comes as a common application that works wonders to make sure that users enjoy smooth and perfect services that are reliable and those that work excellently. There are many common applications to choose from, such as Drupal, WordPress, Lamp Stack, Jumpla and Magento. They help users to move faster as they empty the quality host review services. Linode also has a well managed support system to help in offering professional services to customers. It has a well-trained support department that seeks to offer the most trusted and effective services to their customers. This makes their services easier to access.

DigitalOcean offers about 12GB network to users. This is one of its cons since the same network is shared as a connection between all the VPS on a particular server. On the other hand, Linode shares almost similar issues with its low speed CPU. Sometimes, they are very slower and many users have to wait so that they can enjoy the quality services. This has been affecting their working and their ability to serve with a lot of perfection and great promises to customers.


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