Top 10 Health Benefits of Honey


honey is a sweet substance that contains important minerals including iron, sodium, calcium, and more. While there are many uses for honey as it relates to cooking and the such when it comes to staying healthy there are also quite a few beneficial uses that comes from it. Furthermore, this article will show that honey has several uses when it comes to the field of medicine as it is treated as a home remedy for many health related issues.

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10. Digestion

One of the health benefits of honey is due, in part, to the glucose oxidase enzyme found in honey thus being capable of treating what is known as gastritis, or in laymen’s terms, stomach inflammation. The benefits come from the honey’s effectiveness to treat the digestive tract as a whole, instead of only partially, through the production of small amounts of hydrogen peroxide in small portions. Overall, this eases stomach pain and is the reason why honey, in this case is an effective antimicrobial agent.


9. Weight Reduction

Although some may find it quite amazing that honey is beneficial in its relation to controlling and/or losing weight, however, the case of the matter is that this is true. The health benefits of honey, as it pertains to reducing and losing weight. comes from the vitamins, amino acids, and minerals in honey helping the body to maintain a natural weight level thus lowering the chances of obesity. Furthermore, it has been said that simply drinking a warm glass of water with honey in it aids in detoxing the body.


8. Skin Care

Another benefit is found in the properties that aid in taking care of your skin. Basically, what this means is that the properties found in honey (more specifically antimicrobial and anti-fungal) make for shiny healthy skin. As if having shiny skin from honey wasn’t enough great news an additional related benefit is that honey works well on any type of blemish that may occur on the surface of the skin.


7. Insomnia

Another benefit is that it helps when one is having trouble getting to sleep. Should there be any instances where one has difficulty getting to sleep all that it takes is a little bit of honey mixed in a glass of milk and its right to sleep you’ll go, at least shortly thereafter. the solution isn’t the milk nor the honey by themselves, however, it is in the fact that both food types contain a chemical known as tryptophan which sends the signal to the brain letting it know that its time to sleep.


6. Minor Burns

There seems to be nothing that honey can’t do as another ability honey has is to heal minor burns. While it works best when using raw honey the properties that ward away fungus, and infection are the key factors. In addition, the key to the “healing powers” of honey is that honey must be put on the affected area for a lengthy period of time and multiple times each day.


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5. Wounds & Cuts

The use of honey to treat cuts and/or wounds can prove to be more beneficial hen one may be inclined to think. This is included because of the properties that have the ability to keep bacteria and other related forms away that can tend to cause more harm. Because honey acts as an antiseptic wounds are kept cleaner thus resulting in the amount of infection. Furthermore, honey treats wounds/cuts through quickening the healing process as well as decreasing both pain and odor.


4. Coughs Relief

The main reason why this benefit has made this list is because of the antibacterial properties that have been said to have far better results then the results provided by over-the-counter medicine in the case of coughing. By using honey to help cure a cough one gets relief from sore throats as well as the killing of all bacteria that has been brought on by the infection. The best method of attack here is to simply one tablespoon of honey and fresh lemon juice and take it periodically throughout the day.


3. Blood Sugar

Another way in which honey works as a home remedy is through its capability to regulate blood sugar levels thanks to the fructose and glucose properties found in honey. While this benefit is especially good as it pertains to diabetes patient as the minerals and vitamins also found in honey carry a lot of benefits in staying healthy. Because those dealing with diabetes related issues caution is always a must and, as such, one solution is to buy a low hypoglycemic honey that will not negatively affect blood levels.


2. Muscle Fatigue

Although it may seem as though using honey to treat muscle fatigue has a bit strange the fact of the matter is that it actually works. This particular benefit, as it relates to the treatment of muscle fatigue, can be found in the fructose and glucose properties which are also helpful in coming to the aid of other health issues. But here in this case the glucose (once absorbed) gives athletes energy while the fructose property sustains (or keeps the energy levels up.


1. Energy

A perfect lead-in from the previous section, the final benefit is that it boosts energy. Honey is made from all natural sugar and, as a result, honey is an excellent resource for both calories as well as energy for the body. Furthermore, honey is the perfect substitute when those all to common sweet cravings come to call. Since honey is seemingly the perfect solution to just about everything health related it is also no wonder, as previously stated that it aids in fighting fatigue.


there are several key factors in the reasons why honey has several benefits. While some ways that honey acts as a home remedy include insomnia and muscle fatigue other ways that honey helps remain healthhy is through regulating blood sugar levels. No matter what the case and reason may be the fact is that because of many of the properties found in honey multiple health issues can be helped.


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