Most Funny Bathroom Prank


There is nothing better than a good prank, especially a bathroom prank. To do the joke, you will need a girl. It is preferable to have a girl with long hair so she would need to use a hair dryer. The next step is to wait until she goes to the bathroom to take a shower. It is the best moment for a funny prank , Watch it .

she takes a shower behind the curtain and the bathroom is filled with the shower sound. This is a great opportunity to borrow the hair dryer… stealthily… for a while.

When you got the hair dryer it is time for the main trick. Find a pack of ordinary flour in the kitchen, and pour it into the hair dryer. Why flour? First of all it is harmless. Secondly, it will perfectly stick to wet skin. Pour the flour into the front vent of the hair dryer, and simultaneously cover its back vent with a palm of your hand, otherwise the flour will spill out. Once you are done, bring the hair dryer back and put it in the same place you got it. On the go, hold the hair dryer in horizontal position to avoid flour spilling.

Your funny girl prank is almost done. Now it is time to pick a perfect place for shooting video. The best one is probably behind the door, shooting through a narrow bathroom door opening. A key to a great prank is in the effect of surprise, because if your girl will spot you with a camera it would be too suspicious and might spoil the whole party.

When the girl goes out of the shower it is time to push the record button. She is ready to dry her hair and turns on the hair dryer. A great thing about this trick is that when the flour starts to come out of the hair dryer, the girl instinctively closes her eyes giving a few spare seconds for the flour to finish its job. Finally, we got what we wanted – a funny, amused and frightened girls face, covered with flower!



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