Japanese Girls Cicada Blowing in TV Show


Games differ from one country to another but Japanese games are way ahead of the curve. It is home to the most bizarre game shows in the world. They are known to invent any kind of game mostly featuring pop girls. Unlike other countries where stars are not appreciated, Japan debasement is written into the script regardless the type of game. In the recent months , Japanese TVs have gained fame for their hunger games where they featured dead cicadas, transparent tubes and two girls.


AKBingo is a TV show featuring all members of an all female pop group. It is known to host weird, crazy and ridiculous games. In this segment, it featured two Japanese girls blow a cicada on opposite ends of a clear tube in an effort to avoid eating it. In all games, there must be a loser and a winner. Winning means fortune and fame while losing in this game of cicada means a less than a desirable lunch. After all it is a game and there must be a winner and a loser. In this game the loser receives a stomach churning penalty by having to swallow the dead cicada.

japanese-tvshowAKBingo! / Via youtube.com

Eating Cicadas isn’t far fetched by people. Though bugs are known for their good source of proteins, they are eaten fried but not raw. In this weird game, the bug is eaten raw by the loser. Eating cicadas is disgusting to many people but you must admit that watching the game is fun unless you are the one making the one making the huffs and puffs. After all who would have thought of such a game? If you were given two girls, a transparent tube and a cockroach, what would you have done with them? We must admit that Japan is way ahead when it comes to game shows.


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