Amazing girls Soccer Freestyle Tricks skills


Freestyle football is categorized into different styles and disciplines .

Air Moves/Lower body – This is one of the most popular among the new generations of freestylers. The soccer ball is kept well aloft using majorly the legs and feet. This style is viewed as the most difficult as well as the one which gives several opportunities to yield new moves plus impressive combinations.


Upper body – This move is very popular around Russia and Japan. Most soccer tricks are done having the chest, head and shoulders.

Sit/Sitting Down – This trick has become popular. All tricks are well executed while sitting firmly on the floor having ones legs in air freely, and inability to move after the soccer ball increases the difficulty greatly of any soccer trick performed.

Ground moves – These moves are normal in football, but then executed with no opponent. Skillful players could make the performance on ground moves look like a choreographed type of dance.

Special – This move has been recently introduced and refers to the break dance or acrobatic moves performed with balls that are becoming popular more and more in the freestyle soccer world.

Within the above mentioned disciplines, the following personal moves are among the most popular:


One famous move is called Maradona 7, in this move the players must play the balls with their right feet, then the left feet, then the right thighs, then the left thighs, then the right shoulders, then the left shoulders, and finally with the head.

Around the World is also very popular; in this type of move, the players play the soccer ball off of any one feet, and that foot later circles up or over the said ball before slowly returning underneath so as to play that ball again. It’s subdivided into outside and inside depending on the multiple directions in which one make the turn.

Crossover is one among the basic styles. This trick requires the players to kick the soccer ball into the air randomly by their trail leg, while their other leg moves around the ball.

Toe Bounce (TB) – Similar to Crossover however without making the leaps, letting the ball get to bounce in the feet.


Hop the World – is a famous trick performed by pro-footballers and freestylers throughout the world. Kick a ball up with any feet, and circle your other foot around the ball.

Pale also around the World is a triple type of ATW (one circles their foot three times or more around the soccer ball in air without any middle touches between these three revolutions).

Stall moves include catching the soccer ball in one stationary position. Several freestylers are well able to catch a ball on their own foreheads, their neck backs, or wedged between ones heel and that position at the back of one’s thighs.


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