10 Tips to Be a Cool Mom


It is the desire of every woman to be a good mom, but it is good to note that its takes a lot of efforts, knowledge and skills to attain this dream. Being a cool mom makes you to be loved by your kids, fiance and other people around you. This article offers a comprehensive guide of ten tips on how to be a cool mom.

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1. Always listen before judgment

One of the qualities that will make you a good mum is being a good listener and avoid making rush judgments on any issue. When you are presented with issues by other people or your kids, ensure that you listen to understand the situation before you can make any judgment. This will avoid any biases which can spoil your relationship with your kids and other people.


2. Be a greater supporter

Your kids look at you as their pillar in life. They depend solely on you to provide both physical and moral support when they are faced with any problem in their lives. So, you have to ensure that you are always there for them to assist them overcome all the challenges they may have. Provide them with both basic and secondary needs to ensure healthy survival.


3. Tell them your experiences and Let them Decide

Children will always come to you for advice either in their careers or when they want to make a decision they feel is vital in their life. In such cases, you should not try to disregard their opinion or give them a big no at once. You need to explain to them why you support or do not support something that they want to do. The best way is to give them your own experience of what happened to you when you made such a decision or took a certain action. They will learn through your s and be able to make informed decision without viewing you as being authoritative.


4. Always put family first

In the modern days, we are living a busy lifestyle and it is easy to neglect your family if you do not take care. So, despite the job requirements or your business, you need to understand that your family should always come first. Make sure that you have enough time with your family, offer them love, support and go out with them. Make sure you understand the needs of each of your family member and provide their needs at all times.


5. Lets them make mistakes and Learn

Children are prone to making mistakes. This is normal and you need to allow them make the mistakes, but ensure that the mistakes acts as learning experience to them. Allow them to feel the pain of the mistakes, so that they do not repeat them in the future. However, if you realize that they are not learning from their mistakes, you need to intervene to avoid development of negative behavior.


6. Give them a break and don’t pressure about anything

Children like to be given the freedom to do what they want at times. Do not try to manage them at all times, because they also need time for their hobbies and other interests. When you tell them to do something and you see that they are not in the right mood, do not pressurize them because they may end up doing it in the wrong way. Give them time to interact with friends, so that they can develop social skills. Teach them to be independent as early as you can.


7. Don’t try to be perfect

No one is perfect and even your children know that. If you try to show them that you are perfect, they will just see you as superhuman who they may not be able to interact with effectively or develop that strong bond needed between a mom and children. Show them that you are also human who can make mistakes and that they can also correct you when they feel you are not doing the right thing.


8. Build Trust with Your kids

If your children cannot trust you, then you are not a good mom. They will develop trust in you, if you show that you can entrust them with responsibilities too. Never make promise that you cannot fulfill, because this may affect not only your relationship with the kids, but also they trust they have on you.


9. Let them count on you

As mentioned earlier, you are the pillar of your family. So, you have to demonstrate your high level responsibility, commitment and dedication to ensure that your children always look unto you in their lives. This will make them know that they have a mom they can run to when there is a need.


10. Be Honest, Be Patient

A good mom should always be honest to herself and to the children. This is a virtue you should also make your children to have in their lives. Never lie to your children or cheat them for them to have that positive image about you. In addition, you have to be patient with them. If you advice them on something and do not expect instant progress. It takes time and you have to be patient as you support and grow with them as they develop positive behaviors.



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