How Get Ride of too Touchy Trainer at The Gym


Perhaps you have experienced it before? A trainer at the gym or in your yoga class just getting a bit too close? Hitting on you, making excuses to help you with one exercise or another. Here is an example of a quick and painless way to get rid of that problem and making sure it won’t happen again.

Un Prof De Yoga Pervers Va Le Regretter by downmustard

Imagine the following. You have just finished your yoga class, everyone is leaving but your instructor. You are doing some stretching cause you feel pain in your back. He notices you are still there, sitting on the floor and asks if you are okay. Once you tell him, he offers to help and have a look at it. Not suspecting anything you agree and try to get up from the floor. But the guy tells you to stay down and then gets up close. His crotch is right in your face, you are getting slightly uncomfortable.

He acts professional, asks for your arms and tells you to relax everything. After asking if you are ready, your yoga trainer pulls you up. Your face and your nose pushing right into his crotch. Before you even have time to do more than wonder if you are just being crazy about a guy trying to help you get rid of your pain, he pulls you up to a standing position. And bends you over as if he had other intentions. But instead of ripping off your clothes, he asks for your hand through your legs. He tells you that this way he will pull out the pain. Then he starts shaking you and in what could seem like a moan says, yes exactly like that.

Does he really do this unintentionally? There must be something seriously wrong with him, if he doesn’t notice the awkwardness he is putting you both into. He lets go of your arm and grabs you around your hips. Shaking you once again. You are starting to wonder how to best get out of this situation. His next step is shaking your breasts while making animal sounds, still acting all professional.

Now there can be no doubt, he is either hitting on your, or just crazy. However, you have a plan, how to get him to stop and play a little trick on him. After all, you don’t think his intentions are all bad and it is possible, he really wants to help. Even if it doesn’t seem that way. The next time he has you bend over, you take your water bottle and shove it down your pants to make it look like you have a penis. One that is at full attention no less. You can’t wait to see his reaction. He tells you to get up and turn around, kneeling in front of you. To work on your legs, he says. All you wanted was help with your back and he is pretending to give you a full body workout. You turn around and he breaks up in mid sentence when he sees the bulge in your pants. And you have to try so hard to keep a straight face as he simply strokes over your legs twice before telling you that you are all done.

He can’t even look you in the eyes. You would really love to know what is going on in his mind right now. But one thing is certain, he will never again get to close to you. And he may well be very careful who he tries those moves on next. Since he can never know, what is hidden underneath.


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