Amazing Wedding Ceremony at Nursing Home


This feeling makes me think out of the box from time to time. Since one of my relatives is living in a nursery home, I decided to get married in this magical place. A nursery home is an ideal place for any wedding because of its ambiance.

The staff treats patients very well, and they will make sure you will have a great ceremony. My wedding in a nursery home was awesome, and I will never forget all the happy faces I saw that day. I also told my friends that getting married in a nursery home is something they should do too.

Thinking Out of the Box

The atmosphere of a nursery home is just amazing. The wedding was marvelous in every possible way. The employees of the nursery home exceeded my expectations too. It is just incredible to see how hard they work. However, the staff always has time to enjoy themselves. My wedding was an opportunity for them to have fun around all the people they work for. You will see a lot of older people in this place, but they behave very well. As I love the company of the elderly, my wedding in a nursery home has been a source of happiness for me.

Making a Difference

A wedding in a nursery home can help anyone make a difference. I don’t like to cry, but some retarded people did. I was so excited and my wife was very happy too. I uploaded a video of the ceremony to Facebook, which went viral in no time. My friends loved this video too. The whole place was so nice and wonderful that I didn’t want to leave. A nursery home isn’t a place where you get prepared to die. This place is full of light and good vibe, and you will look forward to coming back.



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