Strong Girl Wins Shows Up Guy On Flex Cam


There are few things in the world as humbling as being upstaged in front of a large group of people. This holds even more true if you happen to be brawny man that gets out-flexed by a woman. Yet that is precisely what occurred at a recent Philadelphia Soul game. Those attending the Soul game were treated to an entertaining surprise with the help of the arena’s “Flex Cam”.


The “Flex Cam” prompts attendees of the game to show off their “guns” and flex it up on the big screen. One gentleman however, was in for a rather emasculating experience. With the camera on him, the admittedly burly-looking man proceeded to flex with much gusto and energy, his confidence however, quickly wavered. To his great dismay and the announcer’s jeers, he happened to be sitting in front of the She-Hulk.

Upon hurriedly discarding her jacket, the woman gave everyone in the audience free tickets to the gun show, by revealing a finely honed physique and arms with muscle definition that would put most men to shame. Turning around to see his challenger, the bearded gent, clearly at a loss for words, recognizes a battle that has been lost and returns to his seat with nothing but a humbled look of bemusement on his face.

With the spotlight solely on her, the woman engages in a little good natured ribbing by flexing over her defeated opponent, before triumphantly retaking her seat. Thus, the unexpected showdown ended as quickly as it had begun, leaving behind a moment that our bearded enthusiast will have a hard time ever living down.

Humility can be a powerful teaching tool. Perhaps this experience will prompt him to use some of that abundant energy to work on his physique, though even with a substantial effort, those She-Hulk biceps will be hard to duplicate.


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