Top 10 World’s Best Countries To Live


There are close to 200 countries in the world and each one of them have a standard of living that is different from the other. Each nation offers its citizens different benefits such as the opportunity for economic advancement or a low-cost of living. While some countries gives its residents the ability to earn a living, to conduct business, to enjoy freedom and to interact with other people; there are some nations that do not provide these characteristics for their people. As a matter of fact, some countries are breeding grounds for corruption and social unrest. Here is a look at the top 10 world’s best countries to live . The nations outlined here are very stable and decent places to live.

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Australia is considered one of the best countries to live on the Earth. People who reside in Australia have a long life expectancy and they also have a strong sense of community and family life. Many Aussies enjoy a high standard of living and good health. Housing is affordable in this nation and the average cost of a home is around $475,000. The Aussies have a solid education system and a relatively low unemployment rate. Australia typically has a high amount of immigrants that visit the country each year.



Sweden is a country that focuses heavily on education and learning. Every year the vast majority of high school graduates earn their diploma and many go on to college. Sweden also has a good unemployment rate and a fairly decent living standard. Healthcare within the nation is provided by the government and by private organization and is fairly decent. Housing is also relatively affordable within the nation as well. Sweden does not have a lot of visitors or immigration.



Canada is a high ranking country in the world because it has a lot to offer people. The country attracts thousands of immigrants every year and people who settle inside of Canada are very happy with their standard of living and quality of life. There is very little crime that takes place in this nation. The healthcare system is one of the best in the world. The government supports the healthcare system and millions of people living there can expect to live well into their 80s. Housing is affordable and safe in Canada and the employment rate is relatively low.



Most people might not consider settling into the country of Norway but if they were looking for work or for a good place to raise a family, then this country would be it. Norway has a strong economy and plenty of opportunities for people to earn a living. This country has a solid healthcare system and it has affordable housing and is relatively safe. Since Norway is 1st world country the nation people enjoy Democratic freedom.



Switzerland ranks high as one of the best places to live because it is a well developed country that has a high quality healthcare system. Switzerland is a democratic nation and citizens enjoy its many freedoms. However, many people do not vote or participate in the political process inside of Switzerland. Many people enjoy the high quality of life, affordable housing and economic growth that takes place in this nation.


United States

The United States might not be the top rated country in the world in terms of living standards and overall quality of life; but it still remains the number one place to live as chosen by immigrants. What makes the U.S. so attractive to the outside world is it’s diversse population and the opportunities that are available to people to change their economic situations. The United States has implemented a government healthcare system but still relies heavily on a private market. The nation has a high unemployment rate but the opportunities for economic compensate for this problem. Many Americans also enjoy a fairly decent standard of living and the housing market is fairly strong within the United States. The U.S. is a democratic nation and many citizens participate in the democratic process within this country.



The nation of Denmark is a first world democratic country that enjoys a lot of freedom. The nation has a high rate of employment and people work fewer hours. The Danes do not believe in long work weeks and their nation is geared toward relaxation and entertainment. Denmark is one of the cleanest nations in the world and the nation also has an incredibly low crime rate. Citizens of Denmark have government sponsored healthcare and they enjoy a fairly decent standard of living.



Politics within the nation of the Netherlands is very important and the people there take them seriously. As a matter of fact the citizens of this country are heavily involved in the political process of their country and they enjoy doing their civic duty. The country has a government sponsored healthcare, affordable housing and job opportunities. The education system in the Netherlands is fairly decent and many people attend college after high school. Employment within this country is fairly stable and the standard of living is fairly high.



The nation of Iceland offers its residents a range of benefits. This nation strongly believes in community and helping each other out. Most people in Iceland are involved in some type of community service and/or work for a social cause. The people are also heavily involved in environmental reform and activities. Education is strong in this country and it enjoys a high literacy rate. Employment opportunities abound in Iceland but most of the people do not earn a high income. Healthcare is provided by the government and crime is low. The overall standard of living and quality of life is rated high for the nation of Iceland.


United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a fairly decent place for people to live and work. While the cost of living is fairly high in the U.K. there are plenty of jobs and opportunities for economic growth. Many Brits enjoy participating in political and social activities. They are heavily involved in government and they volunteer at many community organizations. The Brits are also heavily involved in the environment and make it a point to keep it in good condition. The employment rate is relatively low and education within the nation is fairly decent as well. The United Kingdom has a high standard of living.


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