Amazing Women’s Haircut with Katana


If there is one thing that gets the full attention of women, it has to be beauty. This is the prime concern of most women most especially those who are self-conscious. No lady wants to be ‘one of those in the crowd’. They strive to look amazing and to stand out from the rest. Other than make-up, hairstyles are also known to define the beauty and style of women. Women’s haircuts are a signature for numerous hairstyles


Haircuts can be both long or short haircuts. The art of hairstyling is not in the length of the haircut. Instead, it is in how the hair is cut. Haircuts for women vary in style all meant to suit the different types of head shapes.
One of the most unique women’s haircut is the samurai haircut. Unlike other haircut techniques that use a pair of scissors to cut the hair, the samurai technique uses a wakizashi to get the job done. What exactly is a wakizashi? With its origin in Japan, a wakizashi is a samurai sword with a blade that measures between 12-24 inches long. This sword is well known for its sharp edges.

When in the hands of a skilled hair stylist, the wakizashi samurai sword is used as the cutting, or better yet the trimming tool for women’s haircuts. Once the hair has been washed and dried, it is then time for action. The stylist uses a comb and the wakizashi sword to skillfully trim the hair. With sleek movements, the stylist makes precise trimmings to suit the client’s preference. For a more thrilling experience, the stylist performs a few swirling techniques as he maneuvers the sword.
Samurai haircut techniques work for both short haircuts as well as long haircuts. In addition to precision, this technique is fast and effective. If haircuts are your thing, then you should try and go for the samurai haircuts. This is an experience you do not want to pass you by.


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